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    Non fat Greek yogurt vs whole milk Greek yogurt🤔

    We like the Verka yogurt from Costco.
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    Spark Plugs - 2015 Lexus RX350 167k miles

    Why is it always the #4 that looks different? TBF the miles are high but the age is not. I replaced mine before the recommended mileage interval because I was reading about difficulty removing 9-10 year old plugs.
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    I remember when cars had...

    I remember when we called them dip switches.
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    My typical breakfast and lunch on the road working

    If I have junky food around I will eat it so I try to stay away. When I’m road-tripping I will bring healthier stuff and 95% of the time that’s what I’ll eat. For the road… black coffee iced tea with a touch of lemonade. carrot sticks cucumber slices cherry tomatoes boiled eggs sliced leftover...
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    What do late model Toyota's use for coolant in northern states when the pink 50/50 isn't enough low temp protection?

    Looks like someone went water only for awhile. I would still do a series of drain and fills using the Toyota coolant. Just try to find a local dealer near who will sell it for $16/gal. It’s gone up $2/gal in the past year...
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    What do late model Toyota's use for coolant in northern states when the pink 50/50 isn't enough low temp protection?

    What Toyota do you own? SLL is a 100,000 mile coolant. I wouldn’t flush unless it’s been neglected and I definitely would not use water. The FSM for my 4Runner only recommends a drain and fill. This is what the container says if flushing is needed. Have you seen these “Comfort +”...
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    Bolt recall - What happens to the batteries?

    The former CTO of Tesla, J.B. Straubel formed a start-up here in NV called Redwood Materials that is now recycling scrap materials from the Panasonic side of the gigafactory. From the article: “He believes that they can reach half the price of mined materials within 10 years.”...
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    Old Rain-X isn’t as good as freshly applied but a new windshield with no Rain-x will quickly remind you how well even old Rain-x works :)
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    Pinch weld

    My RAV4 owner’s manual has the same poor info but it’s not a heavy hybrid. I put a padded jack stand right where you’re showing and I use my floor jack with slotted pad along the weld just enough to make room for the stand. I try to lower the jack onto the stands carefully. So far, so good.
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    Mobil 1 (5w30) Supply Thin at Walmart?

    I’ve resorted to raiding the new stock shipments at Walmart at opening time to find 5w-30 EP. They usually get one case of three jugs or none at all. Too many variants to keep more in stock seems to be the problem. This is what my store currently stocks.
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    These are just incredible numbers...2019 Model3

    This is going to happen, might as well embrace it. Hopefully is already reserved.
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    I can prove how easy I am on brakes

    Here’s a pic of the original pads for my 4Runner at 115,000 miles after I pulled the pins and cleaned them.
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    UOA Toyota WS ATF 2016 Tacoma 2.7 4cyl AC60E Trans. 79k miles on fluid

    Thanks for posting the UOA. Which fluid looked bright red? I’m assuming it was not the fluid drained by the dealer at 60k but the fluid you drained at 79k with only 19k on it?
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    2022 Toyota Tundra Leaked Images Lead To Official Reveal

    That was a great look back then, especially with the available (not a viper) V10.
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    Tapered Pad Wear

    Years ago, I saved this thread for reference. I hadn’t done a brake job in years and this ”how-to“ had good info. I did buy the 3M silicone but I found Molykote-77 hard to come by so I searched for a popular alternative. Trav sold me on the CRC with his recommendation along with some other happy...
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    2022 Toyota Tundra Leaked Images Lead To Official Reveal

    I’ve often preferred the work truck versions of Toyota trucks. I haven’t seen one for several years now. Guess they stopped making them? This one is a 2013.
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    United ordering 15 supersonic jets from startup

    Let’s get this right. The same guy responsible for the EV1 (Impact) drive system is the same guy that ”figured out” putting an 18650 Li-Ion battery pack in an electric car. Alan Cocconi. AC Propulsion. Despite revisionist history from Eberhard and Straubel.
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    United ordering 15 supersonic jets from startup

    You guys heard about the Aerion shut down?
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    Caliper piston push back tool?

    The kits like the ones pictured in this thread are often under $20 on Amazon. They all look pretty much identical except the color of the case. The one I bought worked well on the RAV4 I did a couple of months ago. The ratcheting one would’ve been quicker but these kits are more versatile. If...
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    Corolla Cross

    Good review. A lot of info in 7mins. I still prefer our base model RAV4 to one of these little guys. The DI and CVT are not helping win me over. I’m pretty much planning on a Tesla 3 or Y or similar in the next 5 years anyway.