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    time or mileage for coolant drain and fill

    i own a 2011 hyundaia sonata.i retired a few years ago so i have only 15 thousand miles on the vehicle. i am concerned about the coolant being 5 years old.should i be concerned about time or mileage ? am i due for a drain and fill or good to go? thx for any advice!
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    how many hours before synthetic

    i am approaching my first oil change @ 8hours on my 18 horse kawasaki v-twin air cooled.i would like to go with t-6 rotella 5-40 full synthetic but i have read where 40 hours of conventional oil should be used to fully seat the that case i would use shell rotella 15-40 weight. i dont...
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    seems strange that here in the corn patch called iowa that e0 blends are redily available at most gas stations.30 to 40 cents more per gallon though.i do feel sorry for those that do not have this option.
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    new gas station pumps

    my gas station for many years has switched there pumps to a one hose set up. there used to be a separate hose for each grade of gasoline pumped. my question is if i buy one gallon of premium for my lawn mower do i get what was left in the hose from the previous customer? so for my one gallon...
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    mower belts

    i am confused about which style of belt to purchase for my ariens 10-28 rider mower . amazon lists two belts with the proper part number for my is a stens oem belt and is 30 dollars.the other belt is also a stens but is described as a raw edge belt.this belt is 42 dollars.i have...
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    carb o ring

    just got a new carb for my briggs quantum 6 hp flathead.i was wondering if the o ring between the carb and engine should be lubricated with oil,grease ,etc. for a better seal and to prrevent the o ring from drying out. thanks for any input.
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    gator blade

    i repaced my oem mulching 21 inch blade with a gator blade. i would estimate that the gator blade is twice the weight of my original mulching blade.this extra weight seems to unload my mower engine when running. (extra rotating mass). the gator blade mulches great but seems to leave a un cut...
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    flywheel key

    my briggs quantum is 12 years old with a occassional miss.i was wondering about the flywheel key maybe being partially sheared.this mower has NEVER hit any kind of hard object while running.can the key deteriorate with time?is this key a normal maintenance item? if i inspect the key how would...
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    quality of spark

    i have always wondered if a non resistor spark plug would produce a hotter spark at the electrodes than a resistor plug.also why do they still manufacture resistor spark plugs today since everything has solid state circuitry.
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    maintenance free battery or not maintenance free.

    i am approaching 5 yrs. on my current far so good. i am looking ahead at a new battery purchase soon. are there any advantages of maintenance free batterys over non maintenance free? do you have a preference? i would imagine most new batteries today would be of the maintenance free...
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    charging a new replacement battery before install.

    i have read that a new battery should be charged before installing in a vehicle.wouldnt the vehicle alternater accomplish this? maybe a gentle charge from a battery charger would be easier on the new battery.arent new batteries fully charged when purchased? thanks for any input.
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    flywheel key

    i have been chasing a occasional flutter while mowing for quite some time. i have a 190cc 6hp briggs flathead.could a partially sheared flywheel key cause this intermittent miss?mower is 10years old and i have NEVER struck any object while mowing so i dont know why the key could be sheared or...
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    cleaning combustion chamber

    have any members noticed any benefits of removing cylinder head and cleaning out the combustion chamber deposits on a briggs flathead? i do not have a torque wrench so i may leave well enough alone.140 inch pounds is not much torque.thanks for any there any way to reduce carbon deposits?
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    occasional miss when mowing

    i have a 190cc 6hp flathead briggs quantum .for a long time i thought i had a exhaust valve going bad or a faulty ignition module.i really thoght the spark plug wire was worn and jumping to ground occasionally.i replaced the ignition module with no improvement in performance.then one day it...
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    occassional miss

    i have noticed while mowing grass that my briggs 6hp quantum (side draft carb)will develop an occassional miss especially after 5 to 10 minutes of running.up to this point it is perfect.i am very strict on fresh fuel ,clean air filter,frquent oil changes.its just a occassional puff,puff then...
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    life span of ope fuel lines

    i was curious as to the expected life span of gas lines on ope. is there a general life time as in years? when you inspect your gas line are you looking for a hard or stiff condition of the rubber? i worry most about the internal condition of the hose detiorating and possibly blocking my main...
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    fuel shut off valves

    why dont all mfgs. install fuel shut off valves on their ope engines?it bothers me when a gravity fed system is trying to flood my crankcase with raw gasoline 24/7 with only a small needle valve and seat as my only protection.i wonder how many small engines have been destoyed because of this to...
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    spark plug gap

    just out of curiosity,what would be the end result if the gap of the spark plug was off by say -.005 or +.005 instead of the recommended gap of .030 on a briggs flathead? example .025 gap versus .035 gap. thank you for any input.
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    shelf life of sta-bil

    i was reading where sta-bil has a shelf life of 2 years.(this is per sta-bil).i am sure that i am beyond that time. am i ok to continue using the remainder of my bottle? (i purchased too large a bottle to use up in two years). i am refering to the RED sta-bil. my next purchase will be the marine...
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    190 cc briggs engines

    i have always wondered how briggs gets all the different horse power and or torque ratings out of there 190cc engines.i have seen ratings of 6 hp.,6.5 6.75 and 7.25. how do they accomplish this?the only thing i could think of would be the size of the valves.