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    How happy are you in your profession ?

    I'm an electrician but the last couple of years i've been doing a lot more communications / internet wiring and network setups. I like doing both, networking more though. I work for myself and I really wouldn't trade it for anything else. Contractors around here love to price gouge and take...
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    Harbor Freight Predator 4375 Generator 63960 63961 not same which one is better?

    The total harmonic distortion is probably high with those conventional generators. Likely around 20 - 25 percent. Ideally you do not want to exceed 5 percent. Inverter generators are less than 3 percent. It is possible to correct or clean up the THD but it's going to cost a lot more than your...
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    Honda Ridgeline ZF 9 Speed

    Okay I looked up the process for changing the fluid and it seems that in order to check the level afterwards you have to have the vehicle off the ground, running and in drive so the wheels move. All while following a process with VSA mode off. (This has to be done with a computer hooked up to...
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    Honda Ridgeline ZF 9 Speed

    Researching the 9 speed for several hours I came across many articles and forum posts that referenced a "gen 2 ZF9HP". From what I gather there are two versions of this 9 speed. The first run and a newer second generation. It also seems to me like Honda did a lot of work both software wise and...
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    Honda Ridgeline ZF 9 Speed

    Wow all I have to say is thanks to everyone for all of the information. This is far more than I expected. My main concern is with reliability, I can tolerate slightly different shifting behavior. (After all, I am upgrading from an 18 year old truck with it's own issues). I get the feeling that...
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    Honda Ridgeline ZF 9 Speed

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by UncleDave</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Not DIY meaning what exactly? That its really hard to get at or its sealed and needs a split? </div></div> I've been reading through forums and some folks said you needed to...
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    Honda Ridgeline ZF 9 Speed

    Long story short, I've been looking for a new truck lately and finally settled on the honda ridgeline after looking at several of them. You really can't beat the ride quality of the unibody construction and since I don't work in heavy construction anymore I have no need to tow or haul anything...
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    New Pennzoil Oils? Max power, hybrid, stop/start, and extended care?

    Oh I agree. You would be surprised at what people will do though. I could see someone grabbing this for their friend to change their oil or a top off.
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    New Pennzoil Oils? Max power, hybrid, stop/start, and extended care?

    I'm wondering how many people will buy the "hybrid" 0w16 to put in their hybrid vehicle that really requires 0w20. Seems irresponsible to put that on a bottle when the average person would think "oh yeah I have a hybrid this will work". I switched to Mobil 1 years ago and have no intention of...
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    Cost to Upgrade Electrical Service from 100A to 200A

    A rough number would be $3000 - $5000 for a 100 to 200 upgrade. That's here in Indiana, California may be different. Depending on codes they may require you to use afci / gfci breakers and that's where the money comes in. I'm required to use them on new installations and upgrades here and that's...
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    What did you buy or are you going to buy for Black Friday?

    I finally got through on Costco and was able to get a snow and water containment mat for my garage at $109. My garage has a floor drain in the middle but surprisingly the floor slopes away from it on the right side. When I get my new truck next year it will be going in the garage 24/7 no...
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    Bought a Powermate 5500 Generator

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by khittner</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I've been warned by electricians and HVAC specialists to be careful about what sort of generator you connect to your furnace fan, particularly if you have an...
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    Time for a new Generator... Wisdom desired!

    Yeah I agree it's the fridge not the generator. They're awesome little gens and if the OP was looking for an inverter that's reasonable in price they're great. It can handle about a 1500 watt hit from low eco idle and maintain voltage just fine. Any more than that and it's pushing it. I'm...
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    Time for a new Generator... Wisdom desired!

    Yeah even with the fridge hooked up alone (well with the kitchen lights too which is about 50 watts of led) it does it. I've tried the fridge, furnace and freezer all separately in eco and when the freezer and furnace kick on you can't even tell they came on, but the fridge hits hard for some...
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    Time for a new Generator... Wisdom desired!

    For what it's worth I have the Champion open frame inverter model (3500 / 4000) and while it works wonderfully 99% of the time, it struggles with my refrigerator. I have no idea why, it starts the freezer just fine, furnace fine and A/C in eco mode but when the fridge kicks on the kitchen lights...
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    Dead malls

    I used to like shopping at local stores but not anymore. Amazon is pretty much where I get everything. I've had it with bad attitudes, rude counter people, way overpriced items and just an overall negative feel. Maybe it's just where I live but it seems like every time I go in a store around...
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    I would just tip it on its side to change it anyway. I've always used drain plugs but my new honda gcv200 is a tip style oil change and honestly after doing it twice I prefer it over anything else. Before I used to hunt for something to prop the mower up on, get a wrench, take the drain plug out...
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    Race gas for my ope?

    I can't imagine paying that much for gas. I buy E10 at 2.50 - 2.90 a gallon and use stabil marine. I've never had a problem even leaving it for 6+ months.
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    Self Propelled Mowers

    I have a Honda HRX217 and it's honestly the best mower i've ever owned. The twin blades and nexite deck are definitely worth spending money on. It mulches perfectly but what I really love is the fact that the underside of the deck is totally clean after mowing, even wet grass.
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    There are post emergent ways of getting rid of it but I would focus on prevention in the spring. Dithiopyr is a good product to use in the spring, when soil temps hit around 50-55 F. It also has some post emergent qualities too for crabgrass that has just sprouted if you are late with getting it...