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    6.0 Powerstroke Oil Reccomendations

    I picked up a 2006 f250 with the 6.0 powerstroke and was just looking for some recomendations on motor oil. The truck has 240,000mile and I am currently running Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck with Archoil 9100 and a Motorcraft filter (plan on 5k OCI). Turuck is my wife's daily driver and will see...
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    2006 F250 ATF/Axles/transfer case

    So i picked up a 2006 f250 with 240,000 miles (6.0 powerstroke with 5-speed auto) and i have no maintenence records for the truck. I'm pretty confident the trans/axles/transfercase have not had their fluids changed recently so I will be looking to do so in the near future. Just looking for...
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    Winter oil in tdi

    I am currently running delvac 15w-40 in my 2000 jetta tdi in the summer months but I know I should switch to something thinner for winter. I was thinking of just running a gasoline spec 5w-30 but want to be sure that will not cause problems (short or long term). My other option was to spend...
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    2002 F150 ATF Change

    I plan to change out the ATF in my 2002 F150 as i am not sure if it has ever been done. I bought the truck with 190000 and its currently at 218000 miles. My main question on atf is if synthetic is worth it? I was thinking i would use Mobil 1 but cannot find much information on it. I would...
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    Deisel oil in High Performance Motorcycles

    I see a lot of people on here reccomend Diesel oils like mobil and Rotella for motorcycles in the engine and transmissions, but most on here are also riding harley's. How would this oil stand up in high performance bikes. I have a 2007 Honda CRF450r and 2007 Suzuki GSXR600 and wouldnt mind...
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    Rear Dif Gear Lube for 2002 F150

    I know my 2002 F150 specs/factory fills synthetic 75w140, but is that thick of an oil really nessicary? Would I see any negative effects if I switch to synthetic 75w90? Would I see any fuel economy increases? When I do tow with the truck I would say it is only moderate in weight, i have a...
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    Mobil 1 Products

    I am wondering how you guys feel Mobil 1 products stack up against the competition for gear lube and atf?
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    2002 Ford F150

    Looking to replace all of the fluids in my 2002 Ford F150 and would like to get the best MPG possible. I do some towing with the truck, but basically a lot of back and forth to work and the cabin. I would like to go synthetic because I know they can usually offer better protection, better mpg...
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    effects of e85 on engine oil

    what are the effects of e85 on engine oil? positive? negative? neutral?
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    So since mobil 1 has done the dastardly deed and made the switch to a group three i was thinking of using redline oils in my 400ish horsepower 4g63 (2.0l turbo engine). redline seems to have the support of this site when it comes to high performance engines, but it dosnt have the super long...
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    Mobil 1

    I ocasionally hear that Mobil 1 has changed to a non pao base stock such as Syntec or PP. i am assuming that the answer to this is still the same and they have not changed to a non pao, but i still feel the need to ask as it has recently come up again in something that i was reading. so does...
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    Best oil overall

    I know this question seems to be asked a lot, and i know the answer tends to be that it depends on the car. But there must be one oil (street formula that can be bought by the average consumer, no exotic racing oils) that seems to shine above the rest. I know redline claims this a lot in their...
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    5w20 in High Performance Turbo Engine

    I just rebuilt a 4g63 turbo 2.0L DSM engine with higher compression pistons (forged wiseco units) stronger rods, obviously new bearings, oil pump and so forth. I was thinking i would run a good synthetic 5w20 (M1 Amsoil redline royal purple, the high dollar ones) after a proper break in on...
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    Race oil vs. Street Oil

    What are the main differences between a syn race and a syn street oil? what re the advantages and disadvantages of both? i am contemplating running race oil in my little sleeper car, but dont want to spend the extra money for nothing.
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    injector cleaner

    what would you guys use for an injector cleaner. ive heard kerosene works well, at what ratio should i mix it?
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    Quick Question

    I was reading something on the internet recently saying that mobil 1 uses a petroleum based base, mobil 1 one is still a group IV oil correct?
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    Auto RX vs. ATF

    Ive heard of people using ATF as an engine cleanser, how would you guys rate it compared to auto rx? also, when using ATF, what is the procedure? would it be the same as auto rx (run for 1500 miles then do a 2000 mile flush)?
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    Engine Restore Additive

    has anyone ever tried Engine Restore? if you have tried it did anyone notice any difference in their car (better compression)?
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    toulene vs xylene

    which would make a better base for an octane booster?
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    Making your own octane booster

    what is needed to make an octane booster? if i remember correctly acitone(sp?) can be used as an octane booster, correct?