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    Garage find!!!!

    Just was going through some stuff in my moms house garage while doing her oil change and I found this gem!! sh rated 5 quarts sealed i believe this was in the garage from the previous elderly gentleman who owned the house before my parents. Just figured I would share it with the BITOG forum
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    Oil recommendations for 2008 Honda Accord V6 3.5L

    Bought the car back in July 2020. Car has an unknown maintenance history. It is the non VCM variant as it is a 6 speed manual coupe (supposedly VCM causes high levels of oil consumption on these motors) 148k Miles on the clock. Did the timing belt and water pump and spark plugs/ Air filter after...
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    oil capacity mystery

    So I just recently purchased a 2000 Honda accord lx auto with the sohc f20a1 2.3 VTEC four. I was given an oil change sticker after buying the car and it supposedly only did 14 miles on its current oci but I believe they tried to pull a fast one and didn't do the change. Now I checked the...
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    Auto Extra

    I heard from a friend of mine that the Auto Extra brand oil(Store brand for C.A.P. in my area also carry wix value line as their oil filters) is an ashland product. If that is true, I can assume its the same formulation as the wvb i have been buying at Chinamart. Has anyone done a VOA on this...
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    2000 honda accord lx oil and filter suggestion

    I recently Purchased a 2000 Honda accord lx with 154000 miles with the 2.3l VTEC 4 cyl. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for this engine. I'm just planning to put the vwb 5w30 in my stash for the next oci. Any suggestions on a good filter are welcome.
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    Oil level and valve cover gasket leak correlation

    So I got a new engine installed in my 1991 toyota celica 1.6l 4afe 3 months ago. Now my issue has been lately that when checking the oil it is consitently at half way between max and min. I have topped off oil and it always drops and settles at that halfway point. with that being said i have a...
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    Rotella question

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience running Rotella Dino or T5 in gasoline applications? I was looking into trying out the Rotella 10w30 for a friend(changing the oil on his 1992 corolla) as they have the Dino on sale at advance and the T5 is comparable to the price of PYB at walmart...
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    Fuel injector cleaner shelf life?

    I found some old gumout after doing a garage cleaning and not sure how old it is but it was from their Regane line. It still is sealed with the foil cover under cap and has been kept shaded in some shelves. I was wondering if there would be any harm in using it as i don't like to see anything go...
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    oil consumption

    I have a 1991 toyota celica st with the 4afe engine. I recently did a swap of another 4afe engine. the only issue im having now is that after about 1400 miles of driving i have burned half a quart of oil. I did have the rpms up past 4500 on the highway on a beach trip so that may have...
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    Any rec's on the oil i have stocked

    Hey guys im new to the forum as a member but long time guest of the site. I reside in the state of Massachusetts I went to the Local Wally world to capitalize on the 5$ off valvoline sale and such. ended up getting two Jugs of VWB, a jug of Mobil Super 5,000 and a jug of PYB for about 43 bucks...