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    Motor Guard is very excellent *PICS*

    Hi My friend installed MotorGuard MG-30 on his 2004 Honda Element 2.4 liter motor. It has 6000 miles on Mobil 1 5w-30 SuperSyn oil and Still look very gold amber. He maintain the Fuel Power and Lube Control on his Honda. Here the picture links: <a...
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    Are the DEXRON III and ATF3 same? I read the manual book says use DEXRON III for the 1996 Cherokee 4WD uses AW4 automatic tranny. I went autozone parts store and they said I can use ATF3. I am not sure if ATF3 is a DEXRON III? Which brand ATF oil do you recommend for Jeep's AW4.
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    WOW trasko sure did good job!

    You can see how effective stop the metal fragments from the trasko bypass oil filter. The oil ran 8500 miles and I will send UOA sample bottle to the Blackstone for test how much wear rate tomorrow. <a href=""...
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    Which one Chevron Supereme or DelVac 1

    I wasnt sure which one recommend for my Jeep '96 Cherokee 4.0 with 130,000 miles. I saw Mobil 1 Delvac 1300s 15w-40 at Autozone and I could not find Chevron Delvac 1 5w-40. I am running with Mobil 1 Full Syn 10w-30 (now 8500 miles). I awaits hear from you guys recommend. I checked the search...
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    Question about the motor oil for 222,000 miles.

    One of my friend's mother car 1985 VW carbio rabbit has 222,000 miles. I asked my friend if her mother vw burning oil or not. He said very little oil burn and her rabbit running on 10w-30. Should he put 10w-40 or 15w-40 since the mileage is too high 222,000 miles. I am going do put 16oz of Lube...
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    MotorGuard question - for RalphPWood

    Hi Ralph, One of my friend want buy a Motor Guard M-30. I have couple question to ask you. 1. Does '03 Honda Element need a perma-cool sandwich adapter and what size thread? 2. Is M-30 less messy oil spill? He will order TP from <a href=""...
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    mow lawn with FP/LC

    I wanted tell you what happen today. I put 1oz of LC in mow lawn's crankcase and 1/4oz LC/3oz FP in fuel tank mixed with unleaded. I put in mow lawn.. WOW so much white smoke!! It ran so smooth and too much power! I had to ease the throttle to 1/2. It did superb job mowed the long grasses and...
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    Fuel Power question

    I am curious, Does Fuel Power can do cleansing the internal such pistol's surface, valves seats, fuel injectors, and etc? Let me know if not and I would need order Neutra #131 this monday.
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    Neutra #131

    I wanted to know where the website that i could order a gallon of Neutra #131 fuel stablizer. I am going homebrew Fuel Power combine Neutra. FP and LC has own website that can order via online.
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    Just ordered Trasko bypass oil filter

    I wanted share with you why i chose the trasko bypass oil filter. You see my jeep cherokee XJ has no space of room for the MotorGuard or OilGuard. I struggle measure there is no way for the TP bypass filter. I decide go for Trasko because it used "Spin-on" only the place that i can use due the...
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    FP/LC question

    I called Odis Beaver couple days ago. He said 1 gallon cost $23.50 per with Freight fee cost $20.65.. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="images/icons/confused.gif" /> Why is it so expensive just 1 gallon.. Other question.. How much do i need the FP/LC 1 gallon per? Let me...
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    Engine flush?

    I wanted to know which one is safe engine flush for my mom's 95 grand cherokee 4.0L 6cyl. I want buy it from pepboy or autozone or kragen. Which one do you recommendation. I would go get auto-rx but the oil change is due coming this monday. I am switching dino to full syn Mobil 1 0w-40 for my...
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    FleetGuard question

    I bought FleetGuard LF3313. I checked the cross reference of Baldwin B2-HPG to the fleetguard oil filter. I found I think i got mistake # for my 96 Cherokee 4x4 4.0L 6 cylinders. Will FleetGuard LF3313 fit on my Cherokee 6cyl oil filter? Please let me know asap and i will return the oil...
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    96 Cherokee Jeep oil filter recommendation?

    I wanted to know which premium oil filter. I noticed few Jeep 6cyl. 4.0L uses Mobil M-301 oversize. Should I get Mobil 1 M-301 oversize Oil filter or K+N or PureOne?? I saw Bob tested oil flow on Mobil 1 M-301 pretty bad low flow. I need your opinion.. Please give me # with oversize premium oil...
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    I am new member.. Recommend amsoil?

    Hello, I am new of this forum. I would like hear your recommendation for the Amsoil for my 1996 Cherokee 4x4 Sport 4.0L 6 inline cylinders. I always use Mobil 10w-30 with PureOne oil or Fram X2 oil filters. I always change every 5000 miles intervial on my jeep. Where I live in Perris near...