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    Broken ankle - push OCI or pay?

    engines wont sludge out and let it all out on the bed if you simply go 1-2k over just once, they'll hardly even sludge. PP can go that longer drain anyway in an NA engine and be fine even then and considering you've changed it as frequently as you have go ahead and just go 9-10k on PP since you...
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    More Honest Truck Ads

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    What exactly is this Mobil oil?

    looks like a direct from distributor one that oil change shops use. whenever you see "mobil synthetic oil changes here" its not gonna be EP. this is the cheapest crap that mobil can technically call full synthetic so oil change shops can upsell it. this is a profit margin oil. i doubt its really...
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    Vehicle Sighting - Pinto wagon

    God what a chick magnet,
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    TGMO 0w-20 for non Toyota

    What kind of garbage website is that anyway. How do they determine what's best? What it claims on the bottle? The BS claims about warren distribution's mag 1 not being suitable for "modern high tech engines" is probably the worst. It says 0w-20, full syn, and dexos approved, each of the 3 is...
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    Smokeless motor oil wanted...

    Just use a cheap 20w-50 like the supertech syn blend all mileage. Also you can try engine restore. The metal particles help seal a bit and that old engine couldn't possibly be hurt by it. Could also try dumping a quart pr two of diesel to try to clean it by idling it for an hour straight before...
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    2013 Hyundai Elantra w/Nu engine - lots of metal in oil filter

    true but you'll still see a ton of particles when chunks rip off as a result accompanying it.
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    2013 Hyundai Elantra w/Nu engine - lots of metal in oil filter

    will you do a uoa just so you can see exactly whats going on. dont have to post it.
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    Changed oil on 2.0

    Ah i got it mixed up youre right. But still lower additive t6 is still known to produce lower wear metals than t4 with its higher add pack. Base stock still does a lot but that cant be seen easily and delo 5w-40 is at 4.2 hths which is nice and for its price in 10qt jugs it's really good...
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    Changed oil on 2.0

    if you want the cheapest yet pretty stout full syn diesel oil chevron delo xsp 5w-40 in 2.5g jugs shipped free by wallys. like 1200zddp and 1100ph with a bit of moly and lspi is impossible with its detergent composition even if your engine could suffer from it. At like 4.40 or less per quart...
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    2018 3.5 Ecoboost

    eh maybe id consider it but id rather have the na 3.3 which is no slouch in all honesty or the 5.0 since that's available on the higher trims especially with the 6spd but im not sure if that's available beyond the lariat but the lariat is still nice anyway. i used to have a lariat 5.4 back then...
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    M1 EP 0W-20 Shortage?

    Strictly referring to the elevated pao content in m1 afe 0w-16 compared to 0w-20 ep.
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    M1 EP 0W-20 Shortage?

    wouldn't that be the 0w-16 afe
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    Fram Ultra ripping us off?

    basically just a tough guard with metal caps instead for $2+ more. i dont mind this but they should at least reduce the price a bit.
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    Anyone have a vehicle long term to back their OCI?

    312k with 10k oci using cheap oil. usually a conventional diesel, wm supertech syn or as of right now a cheap euro oil but i may change to something else. I wish supertech was available in their euro grade down here like it is in canada. Both engines run smooth and quiet warmed up with hardly...
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    2013 Ford Edge 5w20 Valvoline maxlife

    Moly and iron looks good and thats what i like about valvoline. I'd go a bit more than 4k though and i wouldn't be afraid to try their 5w-30 since its got over 110k. Thanks for the uoa Scott.
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    Old Ferris 20w20 hydro oil

    im sure the supertech hydraulic oil will be just fine. hydraulic oils are rarely thicker than a 20 grade. nd 30 will probably be ok as well.
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    rims beyond hope?

    Fit for the river along with the used oil.
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    PQIA: Traveller 5W20 Syn: 6.5% Noack, 240ppm Moly

    240ppm and noack is nice but I have a feeling it'll be removed in the future out of the blue.
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    Fram Synthetic 5W20 USPS route very hard use Honda Element

    oh really, none of the sp oils have titanium anymore? well that's a Romeo and Juliet.