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    High heat resistant ATF ?

    Hi guys, i'm looking for an ersatz to esso LT 71141 ATF Most important spec is for the atf to be high heat resistant. What do you reckon one should use ?
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    Worn Audi 1.8t

    check rod bearings edit : higher viscosity oil would only be a temporary fix.
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    What to use to temporary fix sludged oil rings ?

    Hi, i just saw a car for sale in my country, cheap, but it's like 700 km away. the owner says it has bad piston rings. I know that these engines have a well known issue of sludge building in the oil ring when the oil changes are not done soon enough. Before opening the engine to clean and drill...
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    Clutch drag

    bad flywheel bearing. Saw it once on a ford transit, i scratched my head a long time before figuring it out.
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    Dexron III Mixed with 3309 - AW55

    Flush it... 16L will get 95% out at least, so that won't be an issue
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    Cleaning a car engine's carbon deposits with water

    I use to floor it, at least once a day, it's a low power car, - 45 hp - so to get it up hill you need to floor it. I even took it on the highway at 130km/h (that's 80mph) for about 40 km (25mi)
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    Cleaning a car engine's carbon deposits with water

    Oh ! i know that place ! not too far from me, although i never saw that ferrari !
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    Cleaning a car engine's carbon deposits with water

    It isn't known that much over here in France... I also enjoy bringing and testing stuff we don't have on shelves here : I recently found out i had a bent rear axle and i fixed it with a EZ-Shim... this is 100% unknown here, and when i went back to the alignment to test again, it worked, so i...
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    Cleaning a car engine's carbon deposits with water

    <img src="/forums/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="crazy" title="crazy" height="15" width="15" /> yes i'm crazy, but the endoscope shows it worked ! (except for one cylinder ?!?) <a href="" target="_blank">Video</a> CC included
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    2001 Michelin MXT sudden internal structure fail

    It's not a bee it's this : <a href="" target="_blank"></a> In france we call it taon, it's more like a big fly, but it bites hard !!!! Citroen SM, what a wonderful car !! love it !
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    2001 Michelin MXT sudden internal structure fail

    Yes they were 14 years old, i thought the only danger was as the rubber became harder, it would loose grip... i'm mesmerized that such a thing could happen without a pothole or a kerb being hit
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    2001 Michelin MXT sudden internal structure fail

    If you wonder, the car is a french Citroen AX... it's a very small car, with small 145/70R13 tires, but 640kg, and not a huge top speed either (45 hp!)
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    2001 Michelin MXT sudden internal structure fail

    <a href="" target="_blank">The video here</a> Hey guys, Friday, i was driving back from work, and i suddenly heard a burst noise, but not very loud... I thought about my tires, so i swerved a bit to feel if i had a flat tire...doesn't seem like...
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    Rotella T6

    If you plan on short tripping or running long OCI, go for it, turbo diesel oils are particulary good for this since diesel engines pollutes their oil more.
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    overfilled is overhyped

    If your car has a lot of blow by and you overfill... holy cow, it's gonna smoke more than in jamaica
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    pugeout ba10/5 fluid recommendatins

    If your gearbox shifts perfectly, gl4 or gl5 wont be a big difference, but if your synchros are starting to wear out, gl4 will work better
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    Cranking very slow- even with new battery

    Once, i was really scratching my head trying to figure out a slow cranking starter motor, grounds were ok, battery was new and even on jumper cables it would be cranking slow... The starter motor had an internal short, the bushings were worn, so the winding was rubbing against the stator, and...
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    New Dunlop Sport Bluresponse

    Hi all i'm buying a set of the new dunlop sport bluresponse. Once fitted and tested, i'm going to give you my feelings about them. On the paper, they seem incredible : Low rolling resistance, high traction on the wet, and silent... And a nice price too !
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    My 2003 Toyota Corolla 3dr EU spec

    Hi ! i did a bit more kilometers today, and yes the gearbox is smoother ! but it's not so much of a big difference... i'm just happy to have synthetic fluid in it, as it'll be protected from heat and wear. The engine is running great with the 0W20, very silent ! The former engine oil was 5W40...
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    1999 Silverado rear axles are LEAKING. Any idea why?

    i don't know for sure, but the best probability is : on the top, next to the diff