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    2007 Tacoma V6 - M1-EP 5W-30 - 9447 mi/13 mos.

    Nice to see another BTOG'er here in Nashville. I'm also a Toyota guy. I'm down in Nolensville. Great write up
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    cars with high mileage

    1997 4Runner.. 302k miles, original engine and trans... NO RUST! burns no oil between 5k changes 2002 4Runner 208k miles, original engine and trans, NO RUST! burns no oil between 5k changes 2008 Lexus LX570, 185k miles, no issues, burns no oil between 10k 0W-20 changes
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    Post your latest oil change

    2008 Lexus LX570 Mileage: 184700 Out: Kendal GT-1 5-20, Fram Extra Guard filter... Run 6k miles-- no makeup oil In: Mobil One 0-20 EP (new SP formulation) and OEM Filter Will run this 10k miles
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    Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in

    1997 Toyota 4Runner 301k miles. Typically run whatever oil is on sale... for last 4 years has been QSHM or Havoline HM 5-30; change oil every 6k.. burns maybe .75qts 2002 Toyota 4 runner 206k miles.. Same as above, burns no oil between changes
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    Post your latest oil change

    Vehicle: 2007 Lexus ES 350, 77,000 miles Out: 5Qts. Mobil 1 EP 5-30 + 1 Qt. Mobil 1 0-30AFE, Toyota Filter Run 9700 miles, no oil added, avg. mpg over that run was 25.7 mpg. In: Same
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    Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in

    1997 Toyota 4Runner, 299k miles...original engine and trans.. 5k oil changes, burns no oil between changes. 2002 Toyota 4Runner, 199k miles... original engine and trans.. 5k oil changes, burns no oil between changes Both excellent vehicles that I love dearly. I so wish Toyota still made the...
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    how often do you use the sunroof on your car

    Every day that it's not raining or below freezing
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    Post your latest oil change

    2007 Lexus ES350 Mileage 67k Out: Mobil One EP, 5-30, Purolator Boss Filter IN: 5 qt. Mobil One EP, 5-30, 1 Qt. Mobil One 0-30AFE, Toyota filter Ran oil 9700 miles, no oil added
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    Post your latest oil change

    2002 Toyota 4Runner, 192,500 miles Out: SuperTech Fully Syn. HM 5-30, Run 4500 miles, no makeup oil added In: Havoline Semi-Syn. HM 5-30, I left on the Fram TG filter from the last run. I plan on running this 4500 miles, which seems to be a good distance with the number of short...
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    Under valve cover pics

    looks fantastic! thanks for posting
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    3.3 V-6 in 2017-18 Santa Fe engine concerns?

    I had a 2.7liter V-6 (same as in the older base Santa Fe) in my Kia Rondo. I put 175k miles on that engine with 10k oil changes with Mobil One and PP and it was as clean as a whistle and didn't burn a drop of oil when I sold it.. GREAT motor.
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    Joined the 4Runner club!

    I have 3 4Runners: A 2015 with 79k miles; a 2002 with 192k miles, and a 1997 with 296k miles.... all are still running great and bulletproof. You have a car that will easily last 20 years if you take care of it. I'm not nearly as anal-retentive about maintenance as some on this site, just...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2007 Lexus ES350 Miles on Car: 57,500 Miles on oil: 9,996 mi Out: Mobil One 0-30AFE, Toyota Filter In: 5qts. Mobil One EP 5-30, 1Qt. Mobil One EP 0-20, Purolator One Filter
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    Post your latest oil change

    Car: 2015 Toyota 4Runner Out: 3.6qts. Mobil One AFE 0-20/ 3qts. Mobil One 0-30 AFE-- Toyota Filter, no makeup oil added In: 6.6 qts. Mobil One EP 0W-20 Fram TG Filter Ran last oil change 9,700 miles Will run this oil 10k miles
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    Last time you purchased new vehicle.

    On Dec. 4, 2014 I bought my wife's 2015 Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runners keep their resale value so well it made more sense to buy new. I never plan on selling it, so I'm not worried about resale value.
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    Which cars do you regret selling the most?

    I sure miss my first car, a 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 in all of it's Mustard Yellow glory. I bought it when I was 15, in 1985... it only had 56,000 miles on it. I sold it when I was 21 because it needed some work and I wanted a motorcycle. One of my all time dumbest decisions. So many...
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    Post your latest oil change

    1997 Toyota 4Runner, 292k miles Lots of super short trips. Out: QS HM Semi-Syn. 5w-30 run 4600 miles, no makeup oil-- oil was in there 9 months. In: QS HM Semi-Syn. 5w-30-- I left the Fram TG filter on.. I will run this 4500-5000
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    Post your cars high mileage

    1997 Toyota 4Runner 4x4, my daughter's car. 292k miles 2002 Toyota 4Runner, other daughter's car. 191k miles