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    0w30 instead of 5w30 rod knock gone

    I can attest to this, blew five D-series myself. Some had ported oil pumps. Some were reving above stock revlimit. One was abused unknown to me had damaged main bearings and I was pushing it too hard during a street tune. My first semi built block blew with the old German Castrol 0w30 from 1999...
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    Decent deal on GC

    *** All it takes is a little education for the public. That sales guy having a lack of understanding, is one of the problems with society. I take it, you will never see Belgium Castrol 0w30 in that one store ever again. I would think Castrol Corporate Sales Rep, should be concerned about this...
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    What is too short an ice?

    ^^^He did this on my direction and ran a high end synthetic.^^^ For a while he had a bad t-stat that could have let too much moisture stay in the oil and brake down a paper element sooner.
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    What is too short an ice?

    I haven't been impressed with paper end caps not adhearing to the media through the oci on low end filters. In neglected oci's with metal end caps, I've seen the glue unbond from the metal endcaps. My coworker went a year oci with a baldwin cellulose media oil filter, and the element falls...
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    Got a question...

    For an example the GT-1® High Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium® HTHS viscosity for their 5w30 is 3.1 vs 3.0 for their 10w30 in the same line up.
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    Oil burners .. old story, I'm sure.

    Isn't the issue that they are using thin conventional oil that's going to evaporate under normal operating conditions? I used to think like that guy in the shop until I learned about volatility. As for the Bmw's I don't know, because I didn't think they would be putting 5w20 conventional oil...
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    Are K&N drop ins still bad at filtering?

    <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> I was thinking of changing out my K&N cone filters for this Amsoil type. The nano fiber flows better than paper, and supposed to filter better than cotton gauze.
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    Best oil for long term storage (car, not oil)

    You have tbn depletion with an engine when sitting in storage from the moisture contamination in the ambient air. Oil with some mileage on it, will have contamination you don't want sitting in the engine in long term storage unless the oil contains anti rust additives such as classic hot rod oil...
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    Castrol Magnetic vs. synthetic

    This Magnetic looks very similar to something Castrol was selling back in the early 2000's. I called up the lady in Jersey and she told me they used esters in the additives only but the base oil was fully mineral/conventional oil. Maybe they dropped that oil, after a spec upgrade. Looking at...
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    0w30 vs 5w30 vs 10w30 vs 0w40 vs 5w40 vs 10w40

    Can you run a longer/larger filter that won't bypass as easily? Have you cut the filter's to see if it's "making metal?" I get the Belgium Castrol 0w30 when it's on sale, the 5 qt deals and stock up.
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    Amsoil to add 0w40 euro formula

    I did some checking and the extreme characteristics of the EFO make it look like very good base stock quality. I feel the EFM would be more like EDGE and M1 in material. I've been a little off topic, but thanks to Pablo, I can see the advantages.
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    Amsoil to add 0w40 euro formula

    Dang, I just stocked up on two oil changes worth of the Castrol Edge 0w40. The price of the Amsoil EFO seems substantially higher than Edge, and M1 0w40 line when you get the Jug deals. What about the quality of EFO being twice as goood? I'm not convinced that it is, after coming here. I'm...
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    MC FL-500S 8000 miles with QSUD

    Is there paint splatter on the drain pan extending from the element in the bottom pic?
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    Real oil problems

    I stand corrected, thanks.
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    Real oil problems

    I got my daily driver VW 1.8t cheap because of an oil related failure. The previous owner neglected the oil changes, used greed bottle quaker state with wax and didn't maintain the oil level. Eventually most of the oil evaporated out and left black sludge peaces on everything clogging the pick...
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    Should I get a high temp thermostat?

    There is a huge difference in quality between the oem Honda Thermostats and the discount kind from parts stores. Big price difference also, but the Honda unit's will work for years without fail.
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    What is Cam Guard?

    When I did a little research on auto-rx, it seemed like the product auto-rx didn't live up to it's claims from reading comments of so many privat citicens. Cam guard looks like it does everything auto-rx claims to do but for aircraft. Thanks.
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    What is Cam Guard?

    Thankyou MolaKule for clearification. ^^^. The owner operator testimonials on Cam Guard, build a stong case. It's no secret that our current mineral based AD oil hasn't fully been able to effectively keep rigns and pistons clean so cylinders are not making it to tbo even when running 100° ROP...
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    What is Cam Guard?

    We have two 172's with H2AD's. As far as we can tell, unless this information has changed in the last two years, cam guard is never mentioned. What is mentioned is an oil with the Lycoming LW-16702 additive of the aviation oils available in North America such as :Aeroshell W100 plus, W80 Plus, W...
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    Coolant check w/multimeter

    I'm getting .2 volts in the coolant with the engine running. The negative probe in the coolant and positive probe of the multi meter on the negative ground of the vehicle to show a positive reading on the meter. It slowly bleads down with the engine shut off. I'm not sure why I had to put the...