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    What oil should I use?

    Don't have to do what people suggest, not are said people obligated to prove anything to you. Don't like it, go away... <small>[ January 19, 2004, 02:29 AM: Message edited by: wes ]</small>
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    Coastal Oil Recall

    Local AutoZone stores carry it. The synthetic 10w30 is $3.49 a quart, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Sticking valves, need quick fix. What to use?

    a half of quart of transmission fluid to 4-5 quarts of oil has worked for me several times. A mechanic I know has used about a half quart of tranny fluid in several Mercedes vehicles, drove them for 5-1000 miles then changed the oil. Worked well, quieter engines..
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    10k SL Schaeffers 15w40 1.9L Escort Wagon(gas)

    Bob: Those of us with the 1.9 four banger have to stick together; I drive a '93 Escort hatchback with 116+ and have hit similiar speeds with what seemed like plenty left. 10w30 Chevron synthetic and happy with it, though I've not had the oil analyzed.
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    Where do you guys buy Chevron Supreme

    Chevron Supreme dino stuff is easily obtained at any Target. Chevron synthetics used to be available at Target as well, but can usually be had at a Checker's.
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    Shell Rotella-T Synthetic 5W40 specs are available

    By chance, have you tested the Chevron Synthetic on the Timken machine?....Thanks..Wes
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    Chevron Supreme 100% Synthetic vs. Mobil 1

    I've used Chevron Synthetics for about 10 years, 10W50 when it was available and now 10W30. Interesting story on one of the other boards appeared recently about twp 24 hour Lemans (?) racers, one with Mobil, the other with Chevron synthetic. At the end of the race, both engines were torn down...