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    Honda Ridgeline ZF 9 Speed

    Long story short, I've been looking for a new truck lately and finally settled on the honda ridgeline after looking at several of them. You really can't beat the ride quality of the unibody construction and since I don't work in heavy construction anymore I have no need to tow or haul anything...
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    Stainless steel drain plugs in aluminum?

    Okay so I guess the ocd is kicking back in but I recently replaced the drain plugs on two champion generators with stainless steel ones (304) and now I’m wondering if this will cause a corrosion issue? The blocks are aluminum and I know the two metals can cause galvanic corrosion in certain...
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    Plastilube for slide pins?

    This past weekend I decided to change my brakes on my truck and with the exception of stripping a slide pin everything went well. I installed a helicoil which worked out a lot nicer than i expected. When the time came to reassemble everything i guess my knowledge just wasn't enough and i greased...
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    Victo-Foam gaskets

    I just wanted to make this topic to show you guys this new victo foam gasket i picked up. It's made by victor reinz. This specific one is for my thermostat housing. In the past i've used those regular paper fel-pro gaskets with less than stellar luck. Maybe it was my application method, i have...
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    Tapping noise in my dodge 318

    Okay so here's the deal. This tapping noise started very faintly back in the winter but i never thought anything of it. Since then it's been getting worse and i would like to get to the bottom of it. I believe it's something in the valvetrain, either a lifter or rocker, somewhere in that area...
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    Transmission cooler line repair

    Okay so here's the deal. My transmission feed line is leaking on my truck and i finally found the part to fix it. It's a dorman part, #800-612. One end is a quick disconnect that goes into the radiator, the other end a compression connector. As you can see by the picture, it connects with two...
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    ATE SL.6 vs Type 200

    Well i have a brake job coming up soon, new rotors and pads. I'm going to flush the old fluid out as well, it's about two years old and needs to be replaced. I can't decide on which flavor of brake fluid to go with. ATE SL.6 is thinner and marketed towards ABS / ESP applications whereas type 200...
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    Bypassing the A/C compressor

    Well my air conditioner compressor in my truck is starting to go south. When it's running i can hear a grinding sound, i believe it is the bearing inside the compressor. It still works, i can cycle it on and off, but the noise stays consistent. I'm afraid of getting out somewhere and having it...
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    Honda Accord Safety Notices 05-10 & 08-11

    Hey guys i wanted to post these letters here in case anyone who owns an accord for some reason didn't get them. My mother received them about two weeks ago in the mail. They pertain to a fuel injector timing issue (08-11 accords) and a transmission issue (05-10 accords). Here are the letters for...
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    Dodge Dakota plenum fix w/ pictures

    So i finally decided to take on this project, even though i really didn't know what i was getting myself into. I started on Thursday evening and finished up this evening. (More on that later) For those of you that don't already know what the problem is, i'll explain it. Chrysler used a steel pan...
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    Magnesium vs Calcium

    I'm wanting some general thoughts on oils that use magnesium as opposed to calcium for their additive package. Is their some sort of advantage one has over the other? Cheaper? I've always wondered because oils like Rotella T6 use magnesium with a little calcium while most other oils are dominant...
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    0w40 vs 5w30 5SFE Camry

    Hey guys i just have a quick question, im pretty sure it's okay but i just wanted a second opinion. My friend recently sold his jeep srt/8 and sold me the rest of his M1 0w40 stash really cheap. Since my dad's camry is due for a change, would it be okay to use the 0w40 in it? I don't really have...
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    Synpower 5w40 at WalMart

    Well it looks like my local wal-mart is now stocking 5w40 MST Synpower and 0w40 Mobil 1! Sweet. <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" />
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    toyota camry steering rack removal

    Hey everyone, im replacing the steering rack in my dad's toyota camry, and i'm at a point where i can't go any further. The 9th step in my chiltons manual says to "loosen the upper bolt and remove the lower bolt holding the control valve shaft to the intermediate shaft. First off, i looked for...
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    New Castrol PDS

    For those curious, castrol has updated their syntec PDS. <a href=",q/pds_syntec_usa.pdf" target="_blank">Here</a> some new things, ht/hs, a handy spec chart, but still no ccs /mrv.
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    new valvoline bottles!

    Well in my late night trip to wal-mart i just had to cruise on over to the oil aisle, and what do you know? There's some darn new bottles of valvoline sitting there. I was wondering when they would jump on the bandwagon. Maxlife is now SN, sans resource conserving. Wonder what the formulation is...
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    portable generator grounding

    Hey everyone. I'm having trouble figuring out if i should ground my generator or not. I'm not an electrician but i've got a good amount of electrical experience. (wiring service panels, meter sockets etc..) I'm just confused on the grounding of this thing. I recently installed a reliance power...
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    Amsoil at O'Reilly

    I figured this was worth posting. I was in O'Reilly's today getting some M1 0w40 and noticed they had amsoil! They currently have 0w20, 10w30 and 5w30. The store manager said they started carrying it about two weeks ago, and they may get more grades in later on. They also have amsoil ATF...
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    Husky generator oil recommendation.

    Well finally today i bought my first generator. It's a husky from home depot, with a briggs and stratton 1150 series ohv engine. 3600 RPM producing 3750 watts. Like briggs recommends, the manual says to use 5w30 synthetic. The generator will be used as an emergency generator only, so i may use...
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    Mixing oils and warranties.

    Hey guys, i've been pondering this question for awhile. Would a car dealership void a warranty if you mix two oils? If they're the same grade (5w20) but different brands. The reason i ask is because i've been changing the oil in my moms 2008 accord, and it takes 4.5 quarts. I bought a 5 qt jug...