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    Some questions

    hi everyone 1-I have 3 oils what are the best Mobile1 0w-40 VI 185 with this datasheet <a href=""...
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    Some one confirm to me

    Hi everyone 1- What is the main different between SN, GF5 & Dexos? does the las one cause less sludge & keep more gasoline? 2- If I want to compare 2 or more oils. how can I know the best if have these physical Characteristics: viscosity index, pour point & flash point&#1567; 3- If car...
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    Please be with me until I get what I want

    Hi Please be with unitl I get all answers 1-What is the different betweeen synthitec, semi-synth & synth blend oils? 2-In general: how can I compare between 2 oils or more have the same viscosity like 10w-30? 3-I read in wikipedia oil which has the highest visosity index is the best?is that...
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    what is the better?

    Hi I have 2 oils 5w-30 the first one is blend synthitec and viscosity index is 165 API:SN the second one is super synthitec and viscosity index is 162 API:SN what is the better? Another questions: Does weather temperature affect on engine oil? In oils characterestics Flash Point. what is mean...
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    Please answer me

    Hi I have some questions and I hope someone answer them: 1- What is the different between semi synthitec , blend synthitec and synthitec oil? what is the best? 2-What is the most important physical characteristics for engine oils like index viscosity to make comparison? 3-If you have 2 oils...