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    Mobil Super Synthetic 3000

    Is it any good in the 0W20 grade??
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    Petro-Canada Supreme Synthetic

    Has anyone tried Petro-Canada Supreme Synthetic engine oil? Is it a good product?
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    Engine oils in Canada (where??)

    Hello everybody, Where do you people find afforable engine oil in Canada? Prices at Wal-Mart and CT are ridiculously high compared to prices in the US. Thanks for any hints.
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    Castrol black vs gold bottles

    Hello people, Is there a lot of difference between Castrol Edge (black) and Castrol Edge (gold) in the 0W20 grade?? Thanks!
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    Oil Manufacturing Codes

    Hello guys, Anyone know how to read those codes? I got my hand on some 50% off Mobil 1 oil and I want to know when it was made. Cheers
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    Oil burning 2008 Pontiac Vibe, 2.4L engine

    Hello guys, My uncle's Vibe is burning oil, about 1L (or quart) every 2000 km. It hasn't been driven that hard but it's got about 150 000km on it. Do you guys have any suggestions as for oil or additives to reduce that consumption? I saw some cheap Mobil Super 2000 high mileage oil and I was...
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    Question on oil consumption

    Hello everyone! I've got a 2013 Subaru Forester 2.5L (non-turbo) that consumes oil like almost all subarus do.. It has consumed about 0.4L over the last weekend but was consuming rather slowly before that. I was wondering, is it normal for an engine to have changes in its consumption? I...
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    I've seen a lot of ENEOS engine oil on website and some stores around here. I was wondering if anybody had used it before and if anyone had an opinion on it. Last time I was in a NAPA store and took at look at their 0W20 ENEOS, it only had SM (not SN) certification. Seems the bottles don't get...
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    Quaker State, ultimate durability

    Just found that stuff on sale for about 25$ CAD a gallon at Napa Auto Parts Canada. Any comments on it? Is it any good?
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    Question for Subaru Forester 2013

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an engine oil that both respects manufacturer requirements and my driving. I'm currently having oil consumption with my engine (1.5 L per 10 000km so a bit over 1.5 qt per 6000 miles). I do a lot of small trips during the week for work and long distances during...