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    Kagayaki rice breed???

    Hello guys, I eat the cooked rice for almost every meals when I was in my home. It is the one of the most important ingredients for me. I've tried many brands for the last several years and then I fall in love with the Japanese one, Kagayaki rice. Unlike other rice brands there is no...
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    Interested in tire companies.

    Hello, I've been working for one of automotive glass supppilers (tier 1)as a product development engineer. Recently I have keen interest in a tire company such as Good-year, BF good rich, etc. But I don't have any friends or relatives who can tell about them and no books (I tried). Could you...
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    M1 EP to Shell Ultra ???

    Hello, I drive a 2014 Kia forte (1.6 GDi) which is 40k miles on it. The Mobil 1 EP + Mobil 1 filter have been used for all my cars since 2007. In this time I am considering to change it to the Shell ultra xxx for my Forte (K3 in Korea). Not because of any complain to the M1 EP, just for my...
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    Plastic repair question

    Hi guys, I bought a starbucks water tumbler a year ago (last Summer). The tumbler has been the best bottle ever for me. I bring it everywhere (at work, class, gym, and camping). Anyway the bottle has been dropped a lot and cracked now. <img...
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    Electric impact wrench (corded) suggestion?

    Hi, guys. I need to replace struts on my 99 Camry (101k). Since I don't have a garage, I have to finish the job during a daytime. Thus, I am considering to buy a corded electric impact wrench. These are candidates. DEWALT DW293 7.5-Amp 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench: 345 ft./lbs Milwaukee 9071-20...
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    Non syn. AFT+ Amsoil?

    Hello. I have a 2003 Infiniti M45 which 127k on it. The previous owner changed ATF aroun 90k with a multi vehicle ATF on a local Midas. When I asked about the ATF to the Midas, they simply told me that it is a multi vehicle fluide. I have no idea whether it was a synthetic or not. Anyway, I...
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    ATF for 03 Infiniti M45

    Hi, I bought a 03 Infiniti M45(124k miles) about a month ago without any serious research.It turns out that there a few information for the car. I guess most of owners of M45 just go to a dealership. Anyway I am not and can't. I want to chagne the ATF now. The manual recommands the <span...
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    Any oil for using a sawzall???

    Hello. I just bought a brand new sawzall for cutting out the stucked bolt on my car. I am wondering if is there any oil for helping the saw blade move quickly such as a water when the wheel blade cuts a stone?
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    2001 Acura CL CEL codes p0172&p0172

    Hello. I have a 2001 Acura CL which has 130k on it. The car is running rough. I did the valve adjustment at the last week. The check engine light is on and the following codes are present: P0170: Fuel trim malfuction (bank 1) P0172: System too rich (bank 1) Can anyone help me figure this out?
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    Valve adjustment for 2001 Acura CL???

    Hello. I drive a 2001 Acura CL which has 129k on it. The timing belt was replaced a year ago. I think it is the time to check the valve because the engine is not designed with self-adjusted valve system. What do you think about the job? Is it necessary even though I don't see any sympton yet...
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    What does this mean?

    I was watching a TV show. There was something I don't get it. What does the B say mean? Why is it funny? A: You know when I do it? B: When you're supposed to be out buying nose hair clippers? Thanks.
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    Looks like Silicon but I don't know???

    Hello. Is here on off-topic area right? I part my laptop adaptor out to fix bad connection problem. The wires were resoldered and it works as normal. After fixed the wire I can not find the look-like silicone. The gray color stuff was between the wires. I guess the stuff works for proventing...
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    Copy a key for 06 Civic???

    Hello. I just got a 06 Civic LX which only has one key. I would like to make an extra key for any emergencies. I bought a transponder, key which has "chip" inside as same as the OEM key, on ebay. The dealership askes me around $90 for programming and cutting the key. Any guys know where is the...
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    M-1 ext. with 9550 miles on it.

    <img src="" alt="" /> Hello. I am just back to home from 9000 miles journey even though The original plan was to go to Alaska in which it could take to be return around 15000 miles. Anyway I bought a pure one filter and Mobil 1 ext. which...
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    M-1 ext. for 9550 miles on it.

    <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> Hello. I am back to home from 9000 miles journey even though The original plan was to go to Alaska in which it would take to be...
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    Spark plug question?

    Hello. I have a 2001 Acura CL 3.2 which has 113k on it. The previous owner didn't told me about the plugs around a month ago. I've got any issue so far but I would like to know whether the plugs are good or not. Here is the picture. Can you guys tell me about this plug? <img...
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    Noise from passenger side rear wheel?

    Hello. I have an 2001 Acura Cl which has 112k on it. It makes a kind of humming or whistle noise from rear wheel. The noise occure from 5 mph. It is getting louder when the car is faster. I guess it is from the rear hub bearing. What do you guys think about this? Thanks.
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    How to use a coolant flush 'N fill kit?

    Hello. I just got a coolant flush 'N fill kit made by prestone. It has an instruction but I can't not apply for my 2001 Acura 3.2 CL. There are some videos in youtube but not for the Acura. Please let me how to use this kit. Here are pictures. <img...
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    Is the M1 extended Perf. true to go up to 15,000?

    Hello. I have 2001 Acura 3.2 CL which has 111k on it. Althought the Amsoil might be the better chioce, I would like to ask about the M-1 extended perf. oil guaranted up to 15k miles OCI. Anyone has experience with the oil? I plan to drive from Illinois to Alaska. Thanks.
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    Which one is the Good gas?

    Hi. I've heard that there are some gases such as the Shell, BP, and Chevron etc. But I've never heard that why they are good and what the differeces between good and normal(or bad) gases is. It makes me so confuse whenever I feed my car required above 91 octain only. Thanks.