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    Most popular All-Season Tire for an AWD

    Just curious! Wife just brought home a 2019 Ford Edge ST AWD and the Hankook S1 noble2s are not exactly something I am totally impressed with. New tire and tread depth is horrid! Driving in the rain was similar to a slip & slide the other evening. (The Edge handled it well but the tires...
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    2019 2.7L EB - Edge ST & Catch Can

    Wife just drove home the dealers first 2019 AWD Edge ST yesterday! At the 1k mile mark I plan on doing the first oil change with either PP 5W-30 or Magnatec 5W-30 or M1 EP 5W-30 with 5-6K mile planned OCI. Also will be attempting to only run Shell 91oct fuel. My question: We do have future...
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    Using 10W-30 over 15W-40 & 5W-40

    I’m curious of the number of actual on-road Diesel engine owners whom would on your next OCI not hesitate to pour in a 10W-30 viscosity over the 15W-40 or 5W-40 that you just drained out? For basically year round use - not just for the winter months. No long drawn out arguments intended here...
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    ZDDP Levels?

    How important is ZDDP levels within an oil to a Roller Lifter & Cam design? Let's say example to the Ram 5.7L with this design. Which has shown to develop the famous roller lifter tick. This is starting to show up more & more even on newer Rams. There are many who have begun running Red...
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    Danger Levels of ZDDP?

    Within today's modern catalytic converters what are the limits of ZDDP within today's oils that will over time damage the function of converters themselves?
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    5W or 0W for the Winter months?

    The Winter months are almost hear. Winter oil changes are upon me. My question is for my kids autos whom are at college. First we live in the armpit of Texas/Oklahoma so the winter months are not drastically brutality cold. But there are times when the temps drop below zero for weeks at a...
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    GTL Process--->Quaker State?

    I know Pennzoil & Quaker State are some what of a embred family. My question is does Shell use the GTL technology within the QS brands? I thought I read a while back where they did.
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    Installing A Magnefine Filter

    With the ridiculous cost of the plastic composite transmission pan and built in filters I figured a magnefine filter would save me from dropping & replacing the composite plastic pan until at least the 100k mile mark. My question ----> is it better to install this inline filter after the...
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    BW-44-44 Transfer Case special fluid

    For those who have experience with this transfer case & those who have done service to this transfer case. Dealer is asking $26 a qt. I found a ebay seller that wants $20 a qt. Mopar # 68089195AA I don't mind paying the $20 a qt since it only takes 2 qts to do a service. Amsoil claims...
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    10W-30 a better choice then 5W-30

    Switched to 5W-30 in the Hemi with my summer oil change... She has been Silky Smooth and Very Quiet... No issues! Nor did I expect any... After doing some researching around and reading... 10W-30 just might be a better choice... The Ram is a daily driver with mostly Interstate and Highway...
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    Titanium or Moly/Boron?

    Which anti-wear additive package has proven to provide lower wear numbers? Or Is there really any clear cut advantage to either?
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    Any Benefit from 0W-20 to 0W-30

    After reading this article over and over I was only thinking would owners see any benefit in lubrication going from a 0W-20 to a 0W-30? Or would a jump to 10W-30 be the only real world benefit. Or should your daily driver even bother worrying about what this article has to say? My new Ram...
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    Ethanol in Gasoline enough?

    I have read and seen pics of tore down engines in testing showing Very clean Valves and The tops of pistons being very clean while running Ethanol Fuel--E10 or whatever is at the pumps... Is this maybe the only benefit to Ethanol fuels? Though I have read where Ethanol fuels will not...
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    Water Spray into Throttle Body

    Have or Do any of you spray distilled water through a plastic spray bottle into the throttle body of any of your autos to steam clean your Valves and Top of pistons? Yes I know the engine has to be a full operating temp before doing so... I have never done this but have seen it done many...
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    How many miles for first oil change?

    Have 823 miles on my new 5.7L Hemi! I have never had a new auto! Should I drain the factory fill at 1K miles or wait until 3K? Almost all the miles have been highway.
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    Mopar OAT Coolant?

    I have a Question on this Coolant! Dealer is asking $68 a gallon! Do any of you coolant experts know who makes this coolant for Mopar?
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    Spraying Bottom Deck?

    Just bought a new Snapper SP90. I was curious if any of you {Apply}-{Spray} any type of product below on the underneath side of the deck, to keep moist grass clippings from sticking and building up? I could have sworn I have read or heard of owners spraying WD-40 or any type of slippery...
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    PYB & PU Moly?

    Do any of you know if the molybdenum within these two's oils the same kind?
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    To much Fuel Additive-Now a CEL?

    I'm curious to know how many of you that got too carried away with a fuel additive and it caused your CEL to come on? I did this on my sons 5.4L.. The code showed to be a miss fire.. The 5.4L had a slight shake at idle while light was on. Cleared code put 11 gallons fresh fuel in. Drove 10...
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    06 Audi A4 B7 2.0TQ Transmission Fluid Change?

    For those Quattro owners out there! We just brought the A4 home with 75K miles on her, for my daughter... There is no transmission dip stick... Ok! This is nuts! I was wanting to change the ATF... There is only a drain plug on the pan and what looks like a fill plug as well. I assume you...