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    1987 Jaguar XJ6

    My friend has one of these.. the body is fully restored and it looks spectacular, but it doesn't run as good as it looks. Well, it runs fine, all the features work and everything and its a dependable daily driver, but it doesn't perform as well as it should. I am assuming that the air filter...
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    EnergyCel and FrictionFree 3000

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> A few people on the forums have mentioned using this "Friction Free 3000" product and I came here to research it up a bit yielding no...
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    ARX w/ Restore

    -Please read I want to do a second treatment of Auto-RX in my 1988 Acura Legend w/ 189k miles but I am regretting what will happen when I do so. I am currently running GC and have been since my first treatment (which wasn't 100% complete). Whenever I do this ARX treament w/ regular oil (I'll...
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    Oil for rebuilt `74 VW Engine

    My family has a dune buggy that has a rebuilt 1974 VW Beetle engine in it and I need to know what oil to use in it. The buggy was built w/ the frame and front/rear ends from a 65 VW as well as engine and tranny, but after having some problems with the `65 engine we put in this rebuilt 1600cc...
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    Lifter Tickage! grrrr

    I know you guys get this all the time, asking for solutions and whatnot, I've done multiple searches trying to find anything to help me decide what to do. But I just can't do it! I drive a 1988 Acura Legend Sedan w/ 183k miles. I only do short trip driving. 10 miles between school back and...