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    2018 Honda Accord EX Hybrid

    Well, I have had my new Accord for just over a week. So far, I am a very pleased with it. I have not been in the new car market for the past seven years. I absolutely amazed with the technology that has been included in a car that did not cost all that much. My favorite item is probably the...
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    Milesyn 5w30

    Any insight into who formulates Milesyn for Walmart? This looks like a pretty good deal for a Dexos approved oil: <a href=""...
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    Very Dissapointed

    I am very dissapointed that GC is not on the approved Audi oil list: <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> <a href=""...
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    M1 5W - 40 SUV & Truck Oil

    Yesterday, I scored some of the old stock M1 5W - 40 SUV & Truck oil at the local WalMart for $3.50 on the clearence rack. I know that this particular M1 oil is not on the VW approved list, but I am willing to give it a go for my 1.8T Passat. Anybody else using this oil in a VW turbo application?
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    Mother's PowerPolish

    I had the opportunity today to try a relatively new product, Mother's PowerPolish. It is specifically designed as a cleaner / polish that is applied via a random orbit or high-speed rotary buffer. I applied the polish using my Porter Cable 7424 and a combination of yellow and white pads. The...
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    VW 068 115 561B Filter

    I just picked-up a VW 068 115 561B oil filter from my local VW dealer today. The cost was approximately $9.50. This is the "over-sized" filter that is now supposed to be used on the 1.8T engine. It is my understanding, that because of it's size, it increases total oil capacity and partially...