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    2017 Accord Hybrid Brake Fluid Flush

    I did mine over the weekend using two people pump and bleed. At some instances, rear right and front left, as I remember, took a little longer to pump out the old fluid with brake pedal. After it was all done, I have all kinds of errors, ACC, Brake System, Lane assist,.....I cleared the error...
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    Kirkland vs Duracell

    I don't need a battery yet. My current battery is DieHard Platinum Automotive Battery - Group Size 35, installed 6/09/2012 in my Accord. 7 years old battery. No sign off any issue yet but since Duracell is on sale at Sam's Club, I'm thinking of replacing it. 24F Kirkland/Interstate = $89.99...
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    TPMS Sensors for a 2012 Highlander

    I bough 4-2019 Camry wheels which had 235/45R18 94V. I will put a 245/60R18 snow tires on it to use on a 2012 Highland Limited. The Camry wheels do not have TPMS so I'm looking to buy some from Ebay. There are so many options out there. Help me out if you had done this before. Do I get used...
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    Honda self propel only spining left wheel

    I googled and didn't find anything. When I engage the self propel lever the left wheel spin and drives the mower forward. The mower pull to the right a little because the right wheel is not engage. I tried to go up hill but couldn't. I had no problem going up hill last year. I'm stumped...
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    Mobil 1™ 15W-50 on 96 750 Virago

    I've always been using Castrol 4T, Yamaha lube 4T, Havoline 4T and other convention motorcycle oil. Since the price of the M 1 15w50 $2 a qts at AZ, I may try. Before doing so, I want to see if others have used this oil on an air cool cruiser and works ok.......I know it does not have JASO...