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    Subaru CVT oil change made simple.....

    In case anyone wants more info when doing this change...
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    Anyone have info on Recochem?

    Hi folks, wondering about Recochem. They're worldwide and quite big. I'm just curious as I've been researching the OEM brand up here at Canadian Tire, and Pep boys in the US. Are they quality products? They seem to be well liked, and generally open about their products. I'm using their...
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    MV CVTF for 2015 Subaru Outback?

    Hi folks! I just did a CVT fluid change on our 2015 Outback. I used a MV CTVF spec fluid.....and now im reading the 2015 spec is CTVF-2 in some cases. Have mercy! All I know is the new stuff is red.....and the old stuff is dark green/brown After two drain and fills and a drive, the car...
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    Help! 2015 subaru front diff fluid change wont take in oil

    Hi guys Im doing the front and rear diffs on our 2015 subaru outback. Rear was easy as pie.....the front, was tricky because of the various plugs and drains....but i located the drain, drained the fluid.....the inspection port, and the fill plug and opened them. I replaced the drain plug...
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    2015 vs 2011 subatu diff oil spec

    Hi folks, We ended up selling our 2011 impreza. I bought gear oil with the intention of doing it. It called for 75w90 in the front and 80w90 rear. The 80w90 i bought was conventional and the 75w90 is a blend The 2015 outback we now have, calls for 75w90 synthetic front AND rear. Any...
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    Gift suggestions for a woodworker?

    Hi guys! Wondering about gift suggestions for my wife who has recently discovered woodworking. We have a cordless drill and sander, and some basic hand tools. Thoughts? Ryan