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    looking to buy 2012 highlander

    My neighbor 4 houses down is selling a 2012 highlander limited...74k very nicely maintained Any opinions on these trucks...Almost bought 15 explorer until i found out about the highlander I need it to last another 5-6 years until my student loan debt is about 14k a yr
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    coworker 2014 Acura TL

    No joke, what are the chances My coworker has a 2014 Acura TL 3.5 with 122k Last month my 1st time in the car while going to lunch i brought up have you done the timing belt on this thing..He goes timing What??? I explained everything about honda/acura and how timing belts need to be changed...
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    Brother renovated my bathroom

    My brother renovated my bathroom..New tile, shower pan, glass doors, electricial and plumbing..Only thing left is vanity but that doesn't come in until aug 21..Yesterday i sent him some money through zelle, when i woke up this morning he sent it back..So basically he will not accept money from...
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    Ridgid tools

    When in the hell did they become so expensive, Like milwaukee and dewalt prices..I remember them being more budget friendly or am i wrong? I was looking for a new drill/impact combo kit, going to pass...on to ryobi
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    Mom wants to buy a new jeep GC limited

    Not lease, she currently drives a 2014 sorento...her kia has been very reliable...132k Thoughts?
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    What will this site be called

    When electric cars take over?? bobisthebatteryguy?
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    Drove a 2021 mazda 6 turbo

    Dang that's a nice sedan and my 1st time ever driving a mazda...I've driven a newer fusion, accord, camry, malibu and sonata. That had the best driving dynamics if that makes sense. I might be a mazda fan now.
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    Maxlife ATF for mercon LV

    Any issues?? or should i just go with motorcraft lv...It's for a 17 fusion 60k...will be 1st drain and fill
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    NankangSP-9 Cross Sport

    Any one have experience with these tires...Looking at them for 90 a pop...15 kia sportage 18"
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    Drove a 2021 equinox

    The most boring and bland car i've driven in a while..Sorry about this point of it, had to let it just hit me. maybe that's a good thing and it's reliable
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    Anyone with electric mower

    How are you liking your decision? Pros and Cons please Have a toro model from 2003 and it just quit on me this morning...Trying to decide if i should flip over to cordless mower. Was looking at the EGO from lowes for 500 or i can get a toro with a honda motor for 370.00.
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    kia k5 new optima replacement

    What's your thoughts?
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    2018 Nissan Rogue SV

    Looking to buy one from a rental agency for a good price.....Any opinions...I read about the CVT issues, wondering if they were resolved for 2018 So far this wesbite hasn't steered me wrong on vehicles, so i take your opinions very seriously..ty
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    Kia/Hyundai oil filters

    I used to think that was a myth about aftermarket filters on kia/hyundai vehicles. My sister just purchased a 15 sportage 60k miles....I changed the oil for her and used a fram tg9688...On cold startups there was a rattle for maybe 2 seconds... I just switched it out today for OEM filter and...
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    17 Fusion coolant?

    I have to add a little coolant to a 2017 Fusion...So is Motorcraft orange = Prestone dexcool? I have some dexcool in the garage don't feel like buying OEM if it's the same.
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    Auto Stop Start

    For or Against?? I found it annoying...Drove a Malibu rental and hated it...or maybe i wasn't used to it...don't know
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    Milwaukee 2767 High Torque Impact Wrench!

    This thing snapped 2 wheel studs off my civic like melted butter...First time using the tool, now i know better than using at full power lol..THING IS A BEAST.
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    2014 Honda Pilot Maintenance Minder

    Last 2 oil changes 4000mi-4300mi it's down to 5% Isn't that way too soon? Truck belongs to my mom who i think does all short trips ( retired now) I mean 4300 miles on Mobil EP 0w20 and a Fram XG7317, feels like a waste of $$$
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    2019 Elantra SEL

    Ok guys, Wanting to buy a new car, been driving beaters for 7 years, 23 now ( good income)....Looking for a compact car, long work commute 40 miles each way...I can get it for around $16,800 with employee pricing M plan. Any opinions, should i head in another direction?
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    Ridgid 1/2 cordless impact wrench GEN5 450lb

    I think this is a great deal for 159.99, They just released the GEN5 Kit 4ah battery and charger. Going to pick one up tomorrow to replace my craftsman 1/2. <a href=""...