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    Anyone tried Potauto filters ?

    Thanks everyone. I just sealed off all the openings in the firewall of my 2013 Grand Caravan with fine wire mesh as I did with all my other cars. I do prefer the carbon type filters so I am going to give the potatoes a shot.
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    I'm going to do it...

    I have long been a fan of mini vans, & am a real glutton for punishment with all the DPC minis I have owned. I must have had and fixed every single problem known to them over the years since they first cam out. The worst one I ever owned was an 84 mini ram van, w a Mikuni(?) carb & 4 speed...
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    Anyone tried Potauto filters ?

    The one I showed above is for a 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe. The pics are the "before" pics of the openings that the idiot manufacturers leave wide open for all the vermin to enter the air systems, I put stainless fine mesh over them all.
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    Anyone tried Potauto filters ?

    OK, seriously guys, I have a very good and very wide ranging sense of humor and did enjoy all the jokes about the name PotAuto, but I was looking for some serious answers about these filters. The biggest surprise I did find in this thread was someone saying " Fram "Fresh Breeze" baking soda +...