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    New truck tires?

    Nitto Exo Grappler is 3-peak rated also. I bought a set of this tire from 4wheelonline. So far, I am impressed. The truck rides smoothly and feels stable at highway speeds. Good traction in mud and loose dirt surfaces, though I haven't tried them in the snow.
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    Post your last tire/wheel purchase

    Nice combo. How's the quality of Fuel wheels? Are the Wildpeaks smooth and quiet on pavement? Just curious here because I am currently checking some wheel and tire packages online.
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    Cleanning Rusty Bolts

    +1 on Evaporust. Works great and safer than acids.
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    Outside Car Covers

    I'm very happy with my Noah cover also. The material is thick yet still breathable.
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    Do NOT use DEET on your headlights!!!!

    Well, Deet and and other bug spray can dissolve plastics.
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    Cleaning insides of '05 Jetta wheels

    Looks great. I'm curious if the steel wool can be a good alternative to scotchbrite.
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    How is Lamin-X

    I used a razor and some lubricant to remove the stubborn adhesive residue on my headlights.
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    Last time/how often do you open your hood?

    Every time I wash my car.
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    Bug Deflectors

    Clear bra or PPF is a good alternative.
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    What are you working on today?

    Finally, I'm done replacing the radiator and hoses in my Corolla.
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    Windshield polish?

    +1 on Carpro ceriglass. It's the best stuff I've tried.
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    Are Waterfall Eco Dynamic tires any good

    I would spend a little more and choose a proven tire brand.
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    Favorite Cleaner For Cloth Seats ?

    Tuff Stuff foam and Folex are great products also.
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    Milwaukee cordless Vacuum

    It may not be the best, but my black and decker cordless vacuum works fine.
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    What Spray Detailer are you using?

    The Speed Bead Quick Detailer is a nice product also and not expensive.
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    Honda Odyssey Tire Recommendation

    I got a set of General Altimax RT43 from 4wheelonline last year. I find these tires to be smooth and quiet on normal roads. The traction is good in the rain also.
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    Installing Fender Flares

    Use por15 to treat the rust and get some wide fender flares like the Bushwacker. If you need to drill some holes, prime and paint those holes to prevent corrosion.
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    Convertible Top Treatment

    Raggtopp is another great product.
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    Adhesive to fix fallen part of headliner?

    Best I've ever used was the Permatex headliner adhesive.