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    2005 Ford Focus Starter Issues

    I own a 2005 Ford Focus w/158,000 miles. It has been a great car and would like to get another couple years if possible out of it. Many times when I go to start the car it sounds like really weak and sometimes almost like a grinding sound. I know my battery is fine and other times it has no...
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    2005 Ford Focus Oil Consumption

    Have a 2005 Ford Focus with ~148,000 miles on it. It has been an extremely reliable car and still runs great. Noticed it started to burn about a quart between every oil change. Is this normal? Should I get it checked out? I have never changed the PCV valve, but it is in a pita location...
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    Bent Rim?

    Drove wife's car and noticed shimmy in the steering wheel. I told her to get the tires balanced. She brought car to walmart and technician stated that front rim was slightly bent, so they put wheel on rear. Do I get a second opinion being she brought it to Walmart? Rim is not noticably bent...
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    Monroe Shocks Seem 1.5" too short

    Bought some Monroe shocks for replacement on a 2009 Mazda 5. The shock is clearly 1.5" shorter than the OEM. I have contacted the Monroe and they state... "Monroe uses an improved rebound extension prevention method than the OE and other aftermarket manufactures. We use a spring instead of a...
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    Cartridge filter ? 2009 mazda5

    I own a 2009 Mazda 5 and it takes a paper cartridge filter. Does one need to be concerned with quality or are most filters the same since it is pleated paper. I bought some filters which I thought were Purolator but turn out to be tvoi which is some Chinese manufacturer. I start considering...