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    Jetta Headlight pointing down and won't adjust

    My right headlight is pointing down and when I went to adjust it using the white knobs it barely budged. It needs to be a good 6 inches up from where it currently points and I'm not sure what to do. I believe this started after hitting a deer on the right side, something must have been knocked...
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    New washer pump leaking fluid

    I replaced my dead windshield washer fluid pump with a new one but it's leaking around the base. It's on a 2003 Jetta 2.0L. I am not sure what I'm doing wrong, and online guides make it seem simple as pie. I'm not sure if my issue has to do with the grommet. If i don't use it the fluid rushes...
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    Changed coil pack, now throwing cat code

    I just changed the coil pack and MAF sensor on my 2003 Jetta (230k miles) and literally the day after I"m getting a P0420 error code, for the catalytic converter. It was misfiring when starting in damp conditions and rough idling, but I didn't let it go on for long and it only misfired a handful...
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    Treating a 2003 Jetta

    My Jetta is beginning to get a rough idle and "[censored] like" acceleration at lower speeds. Tomorrow I'm going to clean the throttle body and MAS with some CRC cleaner. Is there anything else I can do that's generally recommended? It's a 2003 Jetta with 230k miles on it.
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    2003 Jetta rough start in morning

    I've noticed over the past few months that during the first start of the day, in the morning, and only after it's been raining or is very humid, will the car run horribly until it warms up. It severely misfires and then after 15-20 minutes or so runs normal. I changed the spark plugs but it...
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    Shallow or Deep socket?

    I'm going to be purchasing a 32mm impact socket to remove a hub/axle nut from my Honda Civic. Is shallow or deep better? What are the differences? Does one offer more torque?
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    What tool is needed to remove a hub bolt?

    I need to remove a hub bolt from my 2001 honda civic. What tool will I need? An impact wrench? Is there a certain amount of torque i will need?
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    Rattling/chatter noise when letting off the gas

    I've noticed this for awhile on my 2003 jetta but just today I noticed it's much worse. When I accelerate there is no noise, but when I let off the throttle I get a loud chatter/rattle. Does anyone know the possible culprits? I've uploaded a recording. <a...
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    Michelin tires wore out rapidly - update

    I'm continuing from this thread here... <a href="" title="httpsbobistheoilguycomforumsubbthreadsphptopics4643547MichelintiresworeoutrapidlPost4643547"...
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    Michelin tires wore out rapidly

    I have Michelin defenders on a 2003 Volkswagon Jetta. P195/65/R15. I purchased them 28 months ago, at 178k miles. The car now has 218k miles, and the tires are well below 2/32". They have completely worn out in about 40k miles, short of the 90k warranty. I had them done at sears, and have not...
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    Anti seize on spark plugs

    I'm doing my first ever spark plug job tomorrow on my 2003 Jetta. I am confused as to whether or not I should use anti-seize, as I've read varying opinions. The plugs are autolite platinum. I am currently thinking I don't need to use them as the platinum ones aren't as likely to seize as...
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    Broke dipstick tube

    The dipstick tube on my 2.0L 2003 Jetta broke where it connects the lower metal pipe. I took out my dipstick and there was a small orange piece at the end of it. This has me worrying there may have been some more that fell down into the oil pan. I've done a bit of research and most people don't...
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    Replaced radiator and now car won't start

    I just swapped the radiator on my 2003 Jetta and when I went to test it for leaks I realized the car doesn't start. I just get rapid clicking. I haven't touched the engine at all, I don't understand this. Currently the bumper and crossbar are removed, but I don't see how that would cause a...
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    What do I do about this parking brake cable?

    Hello, I'm trying to fix my parking brake which hardly works anymore and went under the ashtray to find very uneven brake lines. 2003 Jetta 2.0L. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href=""...
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    Changing radiator on driveway with slight slope

    I need to swap the radiator on my 2003 Jetta and the only place I can do it is my driveway with a slight slope. This is a new place and I've never jacked the car up on this driveway, in addition my garage is full of junk so it's my only choice if I want to DIY. I believe the driveway is less...
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    Proper coolant flush

    Hello, I am wondering what a proper coolant flush consists of. Do I just drain, fill up with distilled water, run engine with heater on, and then drain once more? We've been using dexcool in our 03 jetta and the radiator needs to be replaced. I am just contemplating whether or not to flush and...
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    2003 Jetta Radiator Leak

    Hi everyone, My Jetta has a radiator leak in the top left. It's a 650$ repair and I'm short on money right now since I just moved. The leak is slow enough that I only need to top off my overflow bottle once a day. What are my options for this issue besides paying for a proper repair? I realize...
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    My car has been sitting for a year

    How can I get it started? If I put a battery tender on the battery is there any chance of bringing it back? What about the gas? Should I funnel it out? Is the oil ok? Thank you
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    Oil change on 2001 civic with some engine noises

    Hi everyone, It's time for me to change the oil on my 2001 honda civic (5 speed, 4 cylinder, 220k miles, calls for 5w20) that has had a slight knock on cylinder 3 for about 5000 miles. Last oil change was 5w20 castrol gtx high milage, a bottle of lucas, and a purolator pureone filter. Running...
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    Place to get a tire changed on a Sunday

    Hello everyone, The front right tire on 2003 Jetta just blew, and I was wondering if there is anyplace that would be able to change it on a Sunday (tomorrow)? I'm supposed to make a drive to pick up my son so I can't wait till Monday. I'm thinking possibly Sears or wal mart? Thank you!