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    Topping off 5w30 Syn with 0w30 Syn between OCI?

    Well I change my Pathfinders oil with Castrol Edge EP 5W30 Syn with K&N oil filter. I recently came across a bunch of 0W30 Mobil 1 full syn for $1 each quart at AutoZone. I am wondering if I'll be fine topping off with 0W30 will cause any issues since its a different weight and brand...
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    DIY bedliner

    I am just wondering what everyone's experiences with this stuff is? I have used Hurculiner about 6 years ago with good results in my truck bed. I remember prep is the biggest key to doing a DIY bedliner kit. I have been looking and have come across several brands other then herculiner like...
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    Back up camera system

    I was wondering what back up camera systems some of ya would recommend. I seen a Peak brand wireless system at Napa for $79 so curious about everyone's suggestions.
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    #'s etched into all my windows?

    I am wondering if anyone else has these etchings on there windows. I purchased my 2006 Pathy used and have been wondering about these numbers on it. I tried calling the number but it says it has been disconnected. Anyone else have these? "TG 8478449 800 442 3662" <a...
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    Wiper blades: Conventional vs Beam design?

    I am wondering what everyone's opinions are on wiper blades. I see a bunch of different brands and now I see conventional and beam style blades. I am assuming beam design is better by looking at the price but figured I would ask here to see what everyone is thinking. Thanks!
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    JDM ASTAR LED bulbs

    My LED bulbs came in. I decided to purchase LED bulbs for my reverse lights and license plate lights. For the reverse lights I ordered the Projector LEDs and for the license plate I got some other high powered LEDs. I did some research and seen that the JDM ASTAR LEDs are some of the best...
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    Suntek CXP Window Tint

    I had the Pathfinder tinted yesterday. Overall it has made a huge difference. I decided on the Suntek CXP 18% all around, Suntek CXP 50% on sunroof, and Suntek CXP 70% on windshield (Will do that next week when tint comes in). I can already tell a difference when driving in the sun. When the...
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    Advance Wearever Platinum Ceramic Brake Pads

    I purchased the Golds the other day but I decided to return them to get the Wearever Platinum Ceramic pads. I did a bit of research and for the $6 more each set I might as well spend the extra $12 total for the better pads. Here are some pictures of them that I took. I am gonna try to...
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    Advance Auto Wearever Gold Ceramic brake pads

    After all my research on brake pads I ended up purchasing WearEver Gold Ceramics from Advance Auto Parts. Main reason I chose them is the lifetime warranty and price point($46). I was surprise to see the fronts are manufactured in Mexico and rears were manufactured in USA. I am glad they...
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    What brake pads do you prefer?

    I am just wondering what brand of brake pads everyone prefers? I am currently in the market to do the brakes on our 06 Nissan Pathfinder and I am unsure on what I should get. Prior to the Pathfinder I would always either go with the the following kinds of pads: Wagner ThermoQuiet or Store...