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    Honda Group 24 Battery 31500-SF1-A1100M

    Anybody know if 34M can replace 24? 24 > Duracell AGM Deep Cycle Marine and RV Battery, Group Size 34M?
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    Honda 08200-9008 DW1 Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF - 6 Pack $27 amazon

    Hope is still here Now arriving August 28 Ordered July 27 Previously expected August 3
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    Honda 08200-9008 DW1 Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF - 6 Pack $27 amazon

    I cancelled mine since the deliver dates changed a few times......then, I just placed two separate orders again since it is $8 cheaper for the 2-6pks and delivery date keep moving out every month.
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    Brake Fluid Disposal

    Mine refused to take it. "Only take used oil" I will not shop there unless it's free or 1c clearance. 1764 BROADWAY AVE S ROCHESTER, MN 55904-7928
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    Honda 08200-9008 DW1 Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF - 6 Pack $27 amazon

    My arrival date got changed to July 27. Today, my account got charged, -$58.xx. Nothing in tracking.
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    Rotor/pad suggestion

    Should be under warranty. Take it to the dealer.
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    How old’s your longest battery?

    06/09/2012 42,000 Battery Sears Item# 02850035000 | Model# P-5 11 yrs. Still going............
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    Honda 08200-9008 DW1 Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF - 6 Pack $27 amazon

    Happened to my order today so I updated it. Will continue to wait.
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    Honda V6 Valve Cover Pictures

    wow, I learned to save $1.3k by diy in my drive way. Gasbuggy said: I need to adjust valves on my 06 3.0L When do those oil pump seals usually fail? The slow leak, a few drops on the driveway a day, started at 138,593 miles on my MDX. I replaced a bunch of o-rings and gaskets ~ 30 items total.
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    Honda V6 Valve Cover Pictures

    Big mistake on not doing the oil pump reseal . How much did you asked to do the reseal? Check this V6 compares to the above at ~140K on 11 MDX. Front was full of black gunk. Oh and the PCV valve was clogged. Broke into pieces and stuck inside the cover. One big, end piece stuck inside the...
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    Honda P/S Pump Reseal

    Similar to this one? Seal, Pump Cover 91349-R40-P01
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    Honda Crank Bolt Tightening - comparing two methods

    I did 3 timing belts/crank bolts on Acura MDX V6 and one Lexus V8 and never torque any of them. Just use my Makita XWT08Z imp wrench to tighten them.
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    TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

    Just replaced TPMS in an Accord tires/wheels a few days ago. Used scissor jack under an MDX hitch to break the bead all around the wheel and put a used tpms sensors in. Take your time to break the bead, low profile tires are tougher to break the bead than say, RDX tires I did a few months ago.
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    post your latest differential fluid change

    Return line flushed 19 1/2 qts of Idemitsu TLV-LV out of a 2012 Toyota Highlander. Transmission should have all new fluid in there now. oops, I thought this was transmission fluid thread.....sorry.
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    Question about applying RTV

    As you know, I recently re-seal my oil pump and pan for my 11 MDX. I used Honda bond II. I tried to use a 1/8" bead but the tube exploded in the opposite end making the 1/8" idea useless. I use my finger to apply instead. So far so good.
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    Cleaning parts without parts washer

    I did most the valves. I don't know how anybody can adjust the rear exhaust valves. I was laying on my belly trying to see valves in the rear and bam, instant Gorbachev tatoo on my head......I didn't adjust any rear exhaust valves except Cyl 1. The rest felt like it was between 0.33 - 0.34mm...
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    Cleaning parts without parts washer

    While waiting for the gaskets to arrive, should I clean this front valves? I did some cleaning with brake fluid and carb cleaner already but didn't go all out as I am afraid I may damage some some seals. It was full of black gunk when I first open it up. Below is a right, front corner prior...
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    Sachs or Monroe

    Has anyone replaced just one strut that is bad? I know it's always a good idea to replace both. Just wondering if anyone successfully done it without long term issues, greater than 3 yrs?