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    Bought a whole bunch Automotive tools from Harbor Freight

    Just bought 5 tools so I can work on my car more my self which were these: 1/2 In. Drive Digital Torque Adapter <a href=""...
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    Just bought some Falken Ziex FE950 175/65/R15 tires

    to replace my old summers cause they were not inspect able anymore, they are the original tires this car came with 7yrs ago though don't remember the mileage on them and they were the Dunlops which I think were horrible especially at double the price of what I payed for the Falkens which were...
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    My 2013 Honda Fit Undercarriage after

    6yrs of Winters and 33,380 miles of wear and tear and without Undercoating added it has whatever they might of done at the factory on it for undercoating. I am planning on doing some undercoating on it this spring hopefully whether I'll pay somebody to do it or do it my self is up for debate. I...
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    My iMac will hopefully be

    coming today that would be really nice it should be and I can't wait it will have been a whole week since it shipped. I will be excited seeing what it is like to have a mac again because my other mac didn't have a GUI or a HDD so that tells you how long ago it was! LOL
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    Just bought a 21.5inch iMac!

    I finally decided to switch over from windows to mac and bought the 21.5inch iMac with 3.1Ghz I7, 1TB HDD, 8GB of ram, and NVIDIA Graphics card and it is brand new not refurbished. I can not wait for it to ship and it will the be my first iMac ever and first time user of the mac OS too!
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    should I undercoat my Brand new '13 Honda Fit

    Should I have my 2013 Honda fit undercoated or will void my warranty?
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    when I get to first Oil change in 2013 Fit

    I would like to really change over to Amsoil but was worried because it is not API Certified or is it? Or about the warranty thing too. I'm pretty sure it is a no issue but was just wondering because the car is so new.
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    Just bought my new 2013 fit

    <img src="/forums/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="grin" title="grin" height="15" width="15" /> I just bought it a week ago last Thursday with no Co signer and 1,000 dollars down payment, it also was only built in July so it is definitely brand spanking new! I love it way better then my old 2002 Chevy...
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    Trying to get multiple opinions on

    My Current Setup and Ideas for the next computer to put into this case: Xigmatek Elysium Core 2 Duo at 3.00Ghz E8400 Intel DG45ID Micro ATX Motherboard Socket 775 PNY DDR2 800Mhz 2GB Ram 2x1GB Sticks HIS Iceq 4+ Turbo 4870 1GB Graphics Card 500GB Maxtor HDD CD/DVD Burner/Blu Ray Reader This...
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    Just bought myself a Xigmatek Elysium case

    with my Christmas money I got and have gotten the wheels that come with it on it know and know can't wait to transfer my whole Micro ATX computer into it I got it so I could install upgrades a lot easier and be able to expand it a lot more too.
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    Just bought me Icom V8000 amateur radio..

    I just bought it yesterday and it should be here this afternoon and can't wait to hitch it up in my car with my CB radio. Was wondering about how to tune the radio to my CB antenna so I don't have to buy another antenna?
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    My cooling fan problem came back after a month

    I changed the coolant temperature sensor on my car after I had the Water Pump, and Coolant flushed and it solved the problem of the fan coming on when it was suppose to and then the vehicle would cool down to where it should have shut off but wouldn't until I shut the car off, It has come back...
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    I've noticed that they no longer have air filter

    That I can get from Amsoil for my car even though I already have an air filter for it, but I was trying to switch every fluid and filter totally over to Amsoil stuff but for some reason they no longer have an air filter though they list one EaA86 under my vehicle you can no longer click on it to...
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    I am using Manual Transmission fluid instead of...

    ATF in my Manual Transmission in my car, for some reason I just don't like the idea of ATF in a Manual Transmission so I am Putting the Amsoil Manual Transmission Syncromesh fluid in my Cavaliers F23 Getrag Transmission.
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    Getting my coolant changed today

    What else should I have done along with coolant?
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    I am looking for a UOA on a 2200 SFI Cavalier

    That was amsoil signature series 5w30 and the longest anyone has run Amsoil or any other oil in a cavalier with the 2200 SFI engine.
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    My Oil Drain Plug

    Has a very slow leak i've tried 2 different drain plugs one with a rubber gasket and one with a metal washer as the gasket and I did go and buy some new rubber gaskets that were listed for the oil drain plug on my specific vehicle and was wondering if I should try the new ones I bought or try...
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    What should I check before I go up MT Washington

    in NH which is the next state over from me. I know I just had new rotors and pads put on a couple weeks ago. I also just below 3000 on this oil change I know my tires are all good. It has a manual transmission too. What else should I check?
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    Just installed some new rotors and pads..

    Installed some Thermoquiet semi metallic brake pads, and Wagner Premium rotors on my Cavalier and so far it is very nice and stops extremely well now even though I didn't really need to replace the pads but did need new rotors, they were starting to flake a bit and did have a little bit of a...
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    Should I change my coolant or not?

    I'm pretty sure it is the original coolant from the factory Dexcool. I am wondering because I have had no coolant loss or any problems with coolant "Knock on wood" so far and was wondering if I should try and have someone flush it and put fresh dexcool or should I leave well enough alone because...