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    Blown 5.3 Silverado teardown

    The latest engine tear down from the I Do Cars YouTube channel is of a 5.3 Chevy, from either a Silverado or Tahoe. Watch when he removes the oil pan. This is the definition of "it done blowed up", as the NASCAR boys used to say. These videos are like watching an automotive autopsy.
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    Engine tear down videos

    I just found this guys YouTube channel. He runs an engine salvage shop where he tears down junk engines and resells the usable parts. I know there is another such channel with the guy who uses an old toothbrush as a pointer, but this guy is pretty good. I've watched several of his teardowns...
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    New law limits DIY auto repairs

    If you live in Sacramento, California this applies to you: Posted without comment, I'll leave that to you.
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    Got the ***** vaccine today

    Well I was going to post about getting the vaccine today for a certain disease but then I reviewed the policy on topics that are off limits. So never mind. I guess the moderators don't consider it an appropriate topic for general discussion.
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    Can an inside brake light reminder be installed?

    I am trying to break my daughter from riding the brake with her left foot. She left foot brakes and complains she gets horrible gas mileage. I've tried to explain it to her and she keeps doing it. She was rear ended recently and I'm convinced it was because she was riding the brake and her...
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    Get it before it disappears: .22 LR at Midway
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    Dayco timing belts OK?

    My wife's 2016 Acura RDX V6 will need a new timing belt in about a year. I happened to be at an indy shop the other day and asked for a general estimate for a timing belt kit install and was quoted $600ish, which seemed reasonable. I asked what kit they used and he said Dayco. He said they...
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    Oil leak on 5.3 Sierra

    I have a friend who has a bad oil leak on his 2006 5.3 GMC Sierra with over 300,000 miles. I crawled under it to take a look and after wiping off the bottom of the engine I could see a steady drip coming off of the starter when the engine was running. The starter is mounted about halfway up...
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    Can a refrigerator compressor reverse and pump heat?

    I moved a refrigerator to my son's house yesterday. It had been stored in my garage in working condition until I moved it. During the move it fell over while in the trailer. I only had bungee cords to secure it from toppling and needless to say that didn't work. It fell forward onto the...
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    Edge 10W-30 Cured Lifter Clatter

    I recently changed the oil in a friends 5.3 GMC Sierra with high mileage (over 200,000). He has been having what sounds like a sticking or failing lifter. He has been getting his oil changed every 5,000 miles at Pep Boys with whatever 5W-30 conventional oil and jobber filter they use. This...
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    Fram Tech Mgr. post re: OCOD on another forum

    In a response to an oil filter question on another forum a poster who identified himself as the Technical Manager at Fram posted this:(I will not post the link unless I get the OK from the moderators here. I don't want to break any rules on BITOG) "Hi, I am the technical manager for Fram. I...