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    BMW F30 Broken Coolant Overflow Hose

    Avoid a tow- do it yourself . Take yor time & save shop labor
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    Oil Recommendation for 1965 Maserati Sebring (I6 w/Lucas Injection)

    15/50 or 20/50 nothing thinner- these are old engines - don't run late model thin oil
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    Cyber Crime Protection

    For a password use something like the vin# of your car- easy if you forget it, just use half of it
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    ssd vs sas???

    I have an hp workstation with 4 -15000 rpm sas drives. Boot up time is not important. Would I really notice the speed difference with an ssd?
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    Need advice. Wal Mart double gasketed the oil filter and the car lost it's oil on the road!

    Document EVEYTHING conversations with mgr etc. The engine is now junk- will they pay for a rental while this is being fixed? This is why I do my own oil changes- no double gaskets, stripped drain plugs etc. , but if I was to take it in, I would want the oil change guy to show me the old...
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    Can't get A/C compressor off!

    There is a chance that the shop has weighed the risk of damage getting it off. Broken bolts turns it into a time & material open ended job, something they may not want to do
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    Replacing underground lawn rotor sprinkler

    Depends on if the sprinkler is fed from the side or the bottom- side =digging
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    Top Fuel Track Length

    You know someone in top fuel? These engines are on full kill - combustion chambers & plug electrodes really take abuse. They aren't like a gas engine . Listen to them at the top end- not on tv, a lot of them have cylinders out
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    odd oil pressure gauge

    Car is an 83 olds 307 with factory gauges. The other day I took it out of town - steady 2000 for about 30 miles gauge indicaticated 45 psi When exiting freeway, the gauge fluttered between 30 & 55 for a few seconds then settled down to normal. In town was fine, normal readings. Oil was...
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    Top Fuel Track Length

    They likely wouldn't be going much faster- when they used 1320 the last feet had the electrodes burned off & were running like a diesel.
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    Primer? For wall that wallpaper was removed?

    the best primer is oil based - it will be a lot easier if you want to strip it later
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    Is fuel injection hose exterior rated for gasoline?

    Just bite the bullet and buy the CORRECT hose. There is a reason why they make different types of hose. Don't let the counterman talk you into something else.
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    Is fuel injection hose exterior rated for gasoline?

    use the right hose-
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    Selling car to person out of state?

    In California there is a form that you fill out releasing you from liability. It has the milage at the time of sale, (I always put 1 less mile- that way if the get in a wreck down the block after the sale, I'm covered) If you get the buyers info on it , make a copy & send it to the dmv you are...
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    C8 Daily Driver

    spec out & price one here-
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    C8 Daily Driver

    I drove a friends c8- first immpressions, poor rear visabiliity, hard to get out of (I'm older) & even with the stock suspension on our California poorly maintained in town roads- ride was choppy Verdict- excellent hiway trip car, seats very comfortable- all in all a great car, but not for...
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    Trustworthy chain to change transmission fluid

    You need to find and establish a good relastionship with a quality mom & pop independent shop. Ask around for recommendations & when you find one that you are happy with stick to them. If you always shop every time, you will find that often times they figure that they only get one shot at...
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    Do we need to replace the radiator?

    Go to autozone & borrow their cooling system tester- it pressurizes the system- look for a leak(s) . If you don't find any, do a compression and leakdown check - have a shop do it- might be headgasket time. Whatever you do, don't just throw parts at it, go through the tests first. Hissing &...
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    Good or bad lease?

    Why are you leasing? If you can't afford to buy it, you probably shouldn't have it., unless there is a business reason & you can write it off. At current low interest rates, just buy it.
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    Saw a new Corvette the other night.

    Don't just dream it Drive it! C8 Deposit Confirmation Phase 1 – Get on the 2021 Corvette Stingray Mid Engine Purchase List. (Your car build doesn't matter at this point) Now taking a $1,000.00 refundable deposit which entitles you to placement on our purchase list and...