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    2008 BMW M3, BMW TwinPower Turbo 10W-60, 4966 mi

    Previous UOA here. 125133 miles on the engine at the time of sampling. 2x 2-day track events on this oil (NJMP Thunderbolt, intermediate pace, street tires); one event at the beginning of the OCI, and one at the end. Aluminum is back down to previous levels and all other wear markers remain...
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    Windows 10 backup question

    I want to make incremental backups of a folder (150-200 GB) on a Windows 10 PC. I want the backup file(s) to be encrypted so that it/they can be copied to other drives but not be readable without a key/pwd. Is there a way to do this with Windows 10's native tools, or do I have to go third-party?
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    3.9L V12, over 150 hp/L, over 12k RPM, Shell 0W-40

    Gordon Murray Automotive T50. The successor to the McLaren F1, by its original designer, designed from a clean sheet with no corporate constraints. Engine is an all-new clean-sheet V12 from Cosworth: 3.9L, naturally aspirated. Over 600 hp, which means over 150 hp/L -- again, no turbo or...
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    2008 BMW M3, BMW TwinPower Turbo 10W-60, 5052 mi

    Previous UOA here. 120167 miles on the engine at the time of sampling. 1 track day on this oil (NJMP, novice pace, street tires), near the end of the OCI. I had to top off with 1L shortly after that track day, so these numbers are probably mitigated slightly by that. Tempted to blame the...
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    2008 BMW M3, BMW TwinPower Turbo 10W-60, 5008 mi

    Previous UOA here. Now at 115115 miles on the engine. Starting to think my oil consumption is inversely related to how much I drive and how much throttle I use. After reading about oil consumption caused by low cylinder pressures, and noticing I spent a fair amount of time at midrange RPMs and...
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    Informed opinions on this supposed mechanism of oil consumption?

    Obviously there are a lot of possible ways oil can be consumed. What do we think of this one? The person who posted this claims it's from a conversation with BMW's no. 1 tech in the US about oil consumption in the S65B40 V8 and the S85B50 V10. Both engines have redlines over 8k RPM and...
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    2008 BMW M3, BMW TwinPower Turbo 10W-60, 4931 mi

    Previous UOA here. Now at 110107 miles on the engine. Ignore the "fluid added" quantity. Consumption has jumped to ~1 L / 1500 mi, which is roughly where it was when I bought the car with leaking valve cover gaskets. I fixed those (which cut consumption in half) and haven't noticed other leaks...
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    HDMI splitter for devices with different capabilities?

    I have a TV that does 4k HDR but won't pass the surround sound formats I want through HDMI (ARC). I might start using a receiver that can handle those surround formats but can't do HDR. Thus: 1. If I go source -> receiver -> TV, I lose HDR video 2. If I go source -> TV -> receiver (through...
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    2008 BMW M3, BMW TwinPower Turbo 10W-60, 4915 mi

    <a href="" target="_blank">Previous UOA here</a>. Now at 105176 miles on the engine. In the 20k miles prior to this OCI, I caught and fixed at least 3 possible causes...
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    How are you preparing your computer for the Coronavirus?

    I've disconnected all my computers from the Internet and am avoiding all USB sticks. The last thing I need in my life is some Chinese hacker virus in my personal files, especially when everyone's apparently getting sick for some reason. I'm still worried though because I heard the virus can be...
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    Anyone here work for T-Mobile, by chance?

    Looking to switch from AT&T but have some questions, looking for deals, etc.
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    2008 BMW M3, BMW TwinPower Turbo 10W-60, 4812 mi

    Previous UOA <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. Now at 100261 miles on the engine. A little more than halfway through this OCI, my car threw a code for a precat O2 sensor (one...
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    Simultaneous calls and data use on Verizon

    I know Verizon now lets you use data while on calls when you're on LTE. What about when you're on 3G, or 4G non-LTE? Let's assume a brand new device, e.g. iPhone 11.
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    2008 BMW M3, BMW TwinPower Turbo 10W-60, 4945 mi

    Previous UOA <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. Now at 95449 miles on the engine. Two road trips, a few blasts at the Tail of the Dragon, one tank of no-name non-ethanol gas...
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    2008 BMW M3, BMW TwinPower Turbo 10W-60, 7136 mi

    Previous UOA <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. Now at 90504 miles on the engine. Did valve cover gaskets shortly before this drain, so that's probably where the Si is coming...
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    Potential minor contamination. How long to run before changing oil?

    Wanted to see if there are some informed opinions on this. I recently had my car's valve covers off for a couple of jobs. I intentionally did this near the end of an OCI so that draining the oil would take contaminants (residual silicone sealant, dust) with it. I've already driven around 150...
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    Accessory belt: 6PK 1067 vs 6PK 1065

    One of the OE belts on my car is 6PK 1067. ContiTech's system says their equivalent product is 6PK 1065. Any thoughts on the discrepancy? Reason for asking: I recently bought a bunch of parts to change all the tensioners, pulleys, and belts on my car. I did not verify any of the part...
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    2008 BMW M3, BMW TwinPower Turbo 10W-60, 498 mi

    498 miles on the oil 83368 miles on the engine Bought this car with just over 80k miles on it and a few thousand left on the most recent oil change. Previous owner had used Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W-60. I had the rod bearings changed preventatively (rod bearing wear is a known issue with...
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    BMW MTF confusion: MTF-LT-2 vs. MTF-LT-3 in the E9x M3 6MT

    When the E9x (2008-2013) M3 first entered production, the fluid spec for the manual transmission (Getrag GS6-53BZ) was MTF-LT-2. This was a 75W-80 fluid. Then, just a few months into production, BMW changed the spec to MTF-LT-3. At the time, this was a 75W or 75W-80 fluid, slightly thinner...
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    Help me decide on a UOA plan for my bearing-eating BMW

    I want to use oil analysis to get as much warning as possible of any developing bearing failure in my '08 M3. These engines are known to be hard on their rod bearings. Mine is going to have its rod bearings replaced preventatively very soon, so I'll be starting fresh. The new bearings are a...