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    A Way To Stop Auto-Rx Repetitive Questions

    Click on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and you will find Auto-Rx info both in engine and transmission sections.These posts are very informative.You have the option of posting your question and getting answers from car...
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    Fleet Taxi Test Using Auto-Rx

    This test was done by Larry Lux (some of you know him and the professional level of his test criteria) This report is posted just as received. Frank, Here is the first part of the test results. Taxi tests, six cars all Ford Crown Vic’s Notes on tests: All cars were driven by taxi drivers in...
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    Regarding. Post (Check Out These Sludge Pictures)

    Read the entire string Chris is now understanding Auto-Rx results can only be commented on after rinse. You very seldom see any thing during the cleaning cycle as Auto-Rx is cleaning off the contaminants which will lay on the metal until the rinse mode. As far as varnish is concerned Auto-Rx...
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    Auto-Rx Christmas Sale

    The second half of year 2008 has been a tough economic time for many folks and businesses, as I can attest. Starting today, December 14th Auto-Rx is lowering prices by 50 cents per bottle on a first come first serve basis. Twelve cases or 288 bottles are being offered up at the discounted price...
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    Transmissions Both Automatic & Manual

    Please click on this link (for power steering also) <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Auto-Rx How It Works Plain Speak

    Auto-Rx is a clean as you drive product. Auto-Rx® is added to the host motor oil and slowly dissolves contaminants from ring packs, cam lobes, and other high friction areas. Slow methodical cleaning is the desired cleaning mode, unlike old solvent technology that can chunk off contamination...
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    Another Bentley Owner Use's Auto-Rx

    I just received an email from one customer that use's Auto-Rx in his Bentley and Rolls Royce's. This is just to show that even owners of distinction can see the worth of the product. He's apparently a car restorer/broker that drives them while making them suitable for sale. I have used...
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    Sludge Problem Over Owner Had Emissions Test Done

    Finally finished my second sludge application. The car runs great and feels very lively for a 130 hp four cylinder. When I drained the oil alot of crud was present in the drain pan. I am very happy with the end results.(94 Toyota Camry) Thanks all. Just had the car inpected and the results...
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    Auto-Rx Answers

    Type in Auto-Rx when web page appears than add 1 word (after rx) that best decribes what your looking for) "example auto-rx sludge " You will get all Auto-Rx Data-Photos-Tests starting from the first day Auto-Rx started business. This Is 7 Years of Auto-Rx From Our Very First Day In Business...
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    Octoberbikefest Pricing Over Nov-1-08

    Take advantage of savings. Like everything else Auto-Rx manufacturing and all related costs have increased.
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    Oil Filter Photos And Comments

    Here's another follow up from the user Falcon LS. These are just some very quick photos I snapped. Before it was cut open, the technican said this was the heaviest oil filter he'd ever seen. The general assumption was that it was just motor oil inside, but here's what really was inside. This is...
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    Auto-Rx Application In Persian Gulf "photos"

    Auto-Rx reaches the Persian Gulf Here's a post from my message board. This is one satisfied customer from Kuwait. I have hopes that this will lead to expanded international exposure for the product. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/banana2.gif" alt="" title="banana" height="35"...
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    The Economy How Do You Keep Your Car Dependable ?

    Money matters to most everyone. People are buying Auto-Rx to keep there cars on the road (while they try to accumulate cash needed for replacemant parts) smart mechanics are using Auto-Rx just for that reason (they keep there customers, get the oil change/filter business) and at some point the...
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    Foreign interest in Auto-Rx

    I just wanted to share a post I got from a customer in Kuwait. He bought the product in the UK and had it put in by his service shop. For those interested in reading the thread: <a href=""...
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    Auto-Rx Results In Family-Friends Vehicles

    If you never read another post about Auto-Rx read post titled "A Cool Thread" The history of vehicles that did use Auto-Rx. The many applications fixed by Auto-Rx.It,s all there.
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    Auto-Rx And Wet Clutch Bike Week Sale

    American Motorcycle Institute (AMI )Test Results Auto-Rx safe to use with wet clutch Test of Cycle-Rx in a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Test Location: American Motorcycle Institute, Daytona Beach, Florida Oil Analysis, Comments and Conclusion Provided by Dyson Analysis Vehicle 2002 Harley...
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    Bikers OKTOBERFEST Special Pricing For All! Go to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> click on "OCTOBERFEST" Home Page Auto-Rx was invented in the Daytona Beach Area Bike Week brings in more money than you could imagine bless those bikers they do so much...
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    Two New Auto-Rx Applications

    This is just a post to reconfirm that we've done some revamping on our applications of Auto-Rx. With continued testing in the field, we've finally answered the demand for shorter treatment applications. Please go to <a href="" target="_blank"></a>...
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    Auto-Rx Fast Track Application Why ?

    We have attempted to configure out instructions to serve the most customers with the highest value in results and costs. The current instructions give a good balance of minimizing costs due to rapid oil changes while getting the full effect of Auto-Rx. This works very well for most customers...
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    2nd. Auto-Rx 3RD Party Experimential Application.

    Please read clean & rinse mileage used. Second in a series of tests to test 20 ounce Auto-Rx dose with 4 ounce maintenance dose. Some of the smog test improvements are from Auto-Rx and some from the complete service done at the start. Summary of test results Vehicle 2002 Mini Cooper BMW...