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    How to inject CRC GDI Intake Valve Cleaner in Ford Fusion Hybrid?

    I have a 2019 Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid I bought from Enterprise Car Sales last year. Thinking of running CRC GDI IVD cleaner through it. Where's the best way to spray the cleaner into the system? I was thinking of removing the MAF sensor and spray it in through there. I have no idea where the...
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    MityVac Replacement Reducing Connectors?

    So I have the MityVac 7201 and promptly lost the reducing connectors. The three tubes are 10 mm OD, 6.6 mm OD, and 5.7 mm OD. So where do I get replacement connectors?
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    Radiator Drain Plug Leak: 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium

    So I just traded in my 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium for a 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium. I'm paranoid so I decide to swap the coolant from the Ford orange to the new yellow even though it's at 40,000 miles. I never removed the radiator drain plug/petcock; just loosened it and tightened...
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    Hybrids and 91 Octane Gas?

    I just got a used 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid. The manual says that 87 octane is sufficient but 91 octane would give better performance. What the heck is going on?