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    Unintended harm of subsidizing electric cars

    Global climate change is an imminent problem. The West coast is currently on fire, Germany is being flooded, and there was just a hurricane in Florida. The "best" solution would be investment in green energy production and a carbon tax credit but that's been heavily fought against by the...
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    Ford 2.7L ecoboost

    Just keep in mind that there are two generations of the 2.7 L from 2018 forwards. The engine block is supposed to be stronger as its made from cast iron, and it has dual fuel injection with both port and direct injection, which should get rid of the valve coking issues.
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    CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaning???

    I really find the claims hard to believe as well. Perhaps the claimed performance improvements are there if the MAF sensor is covered in dirt or debris. However, I routinely clean the MAF sensor and the throttle body when I replace the engine air filter annually. On my car, the MAF sensor and...
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    Radiator Drain Plug Leak: 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium

    Late response but just FYI, Ford has superseded the orange coolant with the yellow coolant.
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    Ultimate sludge cleaning.

    Just to toss in my ten cents, I used the STP Synthetic Motor Flush and it seemed to work. The area under the oil fill cap was covered in varnish and afterwards, it was gone. I've since put 4000 miles on the car and haven't had any ill effects...
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    I over filled the engine

    Not all the oil drains out. Takes ten seconds to check the oil level afterwards. More time than it takes to post angrily.
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    How to inject CRC GDI Intake Valve Cleaner in Ford Fusion Hybrid?

    Yeah, I got very lucky on the purchase. I sold my 2013 FFTiHy for $10,700 to Carvana and bought the 2019 FFTiHy for $18,500 even though the 2013 needed $3,800 in cosmetic repairs. Carvana really messed up on that deal because the second-highest offer was $6,800. I bought it from Enterprise Car...
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    How to inject CRC GDI Intake Valve Cleaner in Ford Fusion Hybrid?

    OK fiiiiiiine. I guess I'll just use the Gumout High Mileage and call it a day.
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    How to inject CRC GDI Intake Valve Cleaner in Ford Fusion Hybrid?

    Correct. I don't need the GDI cleaner but I wanted to do it just because it's used and I want to make the engine as clean as possible and also because I need to mess with my car. I can't find a vacuum line. I even broke out the service manual but couldn't get a good diagram.
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    How to inject CRC GDI Intake Valve Cleaner in Ford Fusion Hybrid?

    I have a 2019 Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid I bought from Enterprise Car Sales last year. Thinking of running CRC GDI IVD cleaner through it. Where's the best way to spray the cleaner into the system? I was thinking of removing the MAF sensor and spray it in through there. I have no idea where the...
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    I over filled the engine

    When I overfilled my Ford Fusion Hybrid, it actually splattered oil all over the inside of my hood. I'm actually not even sure how that oil got out, and if I damaged my engine.
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    Are we seeing more oil related failures in modern cars?

    I don't get to check my oil at the pump because it always reads low. My car needs like ten minutes of rest for the oil to settle down into the pan. I check my oil once a month along with tire pressure checks, coolant, etc., and paying the rent. =P
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    Does Coolant Capacity Include Overflow Tank?

    Use a refractometer to test the coolant level.
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    My oil and filter choice

    I just use the cheapest 0w20 that meets spec, and a M1 filter, OEM, or Fram Tough filter. Change every five thousand miles regardless of OLM. But then I have a hybrid. People with GDI turbos are properly paranoid about the best oil because their engines are tough on oil. I also tried the STP...
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    Between these snow tires: Blizzak WS80, Pirelli Ice Zero FR, GY Ultra Grip Winter

    The Michelin X Ice is the only winter tire I've seen with a tread life warranty.
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    Stupid 2015 F-150 Brake Service Questions

    The lug nuts might be the crappy two part Ford ones that have lead to a lawsuit. Maybe replace them with solid one piece lug nuts?
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    Between these snow tires: Blizzak WS80, Pirelli Ice Zero FR, GY Ultra Grip Winter

    Blizzaks are a safe bet but TireRack is selling the Michelin X-Ice 3 on clearance for cheaper than the WS-90. I have had the X-Ice 3 for the last five years, and they have been great for me. I get good grip on slushy roads, even on highway speeds. Never slid even in slush or had any problem...
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    Does Coolant Capacity Include Overflow Tank?

    The refractometer on Amazon tested perfectly in samples of distilled water, pure coolant, and 50/50.
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    Does Coolant Capacity Include Overflow Tank?

    Don't crank the drain cock like you're a superhero! Ask me why! I spent $20 on a cheap refractometer from Amazon to test my coolant concentration after a flush. I thought I had it dead-on 50/50 but I had it at 60% coolant. Definitely swap it out because most coolants have a time replacement as...
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    MityVac Replacement Reducing Connectors?

    So I have the MityVac 7201 and promptly lost the reducing connectors. The three tubes are 10 mm OD, 6.6 mm OD, and 5.7 mm OD. So where do I get replacement connectors?