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    ZZ TOP Bassist Dusty Hill passes away

    Agreed. I was in New Orleans several years ago and passed on the chance to see Fats Domino because I thought "I'll catch him the next time I'm in town." Then he quit performing not long after that. I happened to be in New Orleans the day he died. I was eating a shrimp Po Boy at restaurant...
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    Vehicle Sighting - 1964 Chev Impala SS convertible

    A friend of mine in high school had hard top, 327 4 barrel, and 4 speed manual. A sharp car but not as fast as the muscle cars of the era. I am not a fan of the wheels or the color of the car in the original post. The '64 Impala looks better in a dark color to my eyes.
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    Dropped some coin on Inverter Generators, want to break in correctly. Advice?

    Remove the word "Lucas" from what you wrote above and you should be OK.
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    Road and Track

    I started reading R&T in high school (mid 1960's) and collected an attic full of old copies. The writing was top notch for the next 20-30 years when John Bond was the publisher. Phil Hill, Henry Manney, Peter Egan, Sam Posey, etc. But like you, after Peter Egan retired there was no one worth...
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    Camry needs some tires. Yoko Avid Touring

    I've always had good service from Yokohama tires on my truck. No experience with the Avid.
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    2022 Ford Maverick

    Agreed, but you know that someone who bought the base model will try to load it down with firewood or tow something with a 400 lb tongue weight at some point.
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    2022 Ford Maverick

    No I haven't. Check my profile. I live in Florida!
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    2022 Ford Maverick

    I am sure it will appeal to urban/suburbanites who occasionally need the utility of a pickup bed but don't need or want a bed on frame pickup truck. The base price of the FWD Hybrid is appealing but FWD in a truck is a non-starter for me. Any towing/hauling unloads the front drive wheels...
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    Briggs Intek V Twin surging

    Could be a small piece of trash clogging the jets. If you don't have a small enough piece of wire to dislodge it, blast it with carb cleaner/brake cleaner in both directions through the straw on the can. How did you check for vacuum leaks?
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    MOTORTREND: Hemi Engine Autopsy: 235,000-Mile 5.7L Out of a 2011 Challenger

    Manual 392 SRT Hemi's did not have MDS. Automatics did. I had a 2012 SRT8 392 Challenger six-speed manual----no MDS.
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    Guessing these tires are done..

    I haven't heard of it in years, but back in the day good tire shops would have a trueing machine that would shave the tread down to get rid of any high spots and even out the tread. They were used a lot on retreaded tires to even them up. You would lose some rubber but the tread would be...
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    ford maverick Independent twistbeam rear suspension

    One of the best handling cars (stock) that I ever owned was a 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco that had a twist beam rear axle. On hard cornering when autocrossing it would lift the inside rear wheel several inches off the ground. It looked scary from outside of the car but did not create any handling...
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    2009 Hyundai Elantra GLS - General questions.

    Marvel Mystery Oil
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    '68 Toronado

    Yep, my first car in high school was a new '66 GTO, 4-speed, tri-power, limited slip 3:55 rear, no A/C, and no power steering. And my father had a '68 Toronado like the one in the OP. My mother drove a Buick Electra 225. We were an all GM family then, though my father owned a couple of...
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    S-K Tools sold to Chinese company

    Taiwan is an island off the coast of mainland China. After the communists took over mainland China the democratic nationalist Chinese fled to Taiwan and established a democratic government, The Republic of China (ROC). Mainland China is an authoritarian communist regime, The People's Republic...
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    Family friendly music festivals ANYWHERE in the USA this year?

    Correct. You will find that some of the best stringed instrumentalists in the world play bluegrass. If you get a chance to see fiddler Michael Cleveland go for it. You can thank me later. Some of the best moments at bluegrass festivals aren't on stage but happen back in the camping area...
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    LLT 3.6L Timing Chains

    LGY is the twin turbo Cadillac engine as of 2020. The fourth generation GM 3.6 V6 came out in 2016 in Cadillacs then was used later in other GM FWD cars/SUV's. It is referred to as the LGX (the Colorado/Canyon truck version is the LGZ and came out in 2017). The fourth generation V6 has a...
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    Family friendly music festivals ANYWHERE in the USA this year?

    Merle Fest. Sept. 16-19, 2021. Great roots music.
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    S-K Tools sold to Chinese company

    My first set of tools were SK, bought in 1966. Except for some that were stolen or lost I still have them. Made in more. What a shame to sell out just to make a few bucks and throw away good American jobs and a reputation that took decades to build.
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    New Mower With kawasaki engine

    I think we've had 6.5 inches in the last week!