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  1. Big E

    Amsoil EA15K19 vs Fram Ultra XG11665

    I've always been a fan of the Amsoil EA filters. I was dismayed to see that they have outsourced their cartridge filters to China. I decided to brave the "People of Walmart" at the nearest store to check out one of these Fram Ultra's people seem to be so fond of. The filter aisle looked like...
  2. Big E

    2008 Nissan Altima 164K, Amsoil SS 5w30, EaO15k13, 7kmi/12mos.

    Car used to be by commuter until I gave it to my youngest son about 5 years ago. It's had Amsoil Oil and Filter since 3k. I settled in to a 10k OCI while I was driving, but my son doesn't drive much so now it gets annual changes. No mechanical problems with this car so far. CVT was drained...
  3. Big E

    Mighty Engine Guard M3614 cut open

    This came of my son's 2016 Ford Fusion with 1.5L Ecoboost. He had his last oil change at an unspecified quick change place. All I know is he did pay to have a synthetic oil. He said the oil life monitor was about 25% and wanted to change it. We put in Valvoline Advanced Syn. 5w20 with a Wix...