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    Cooling hose spring clamps questions

    I want to replace the cooling system and heater hoses on my 2010 Toyota Yaris with 145k miles. The Gates hoses that I bought are thicker than the OEM hoses that are on my car. So the original clamps are too small for the new Gates hoses. I replaced the upper radiator hose with a new Gates...
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    Tires always wearing on outside edge

    My car is a 2010 Toyota Yaris with 140k miles. All four of my tires are balding on their outside edges. I rotate my tires at the Toyota recommended interval which is every 5k miles and keep the tires correctly inflated at 32 psi. I check my tires' inflation twice a month and add pressure if...
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    Need wheel alignment specs

    I made a camber tool that consists of two bolts attached to a metal bar to which is attached a digital level gauge. These are the angle measurements I got on all four wheels on my 2010 Yaris two door hatchback: front driver side=88.25 degrees, front passenger side=87.39, rear driver side=89.17...
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    Alignment shop questions

    I have a few questions about alignment shops. Is Firestone Tire the only chain shop that offers lifetime alignments? Firestone Tire does not have a good reputation. I've read that in order for a shop to generate a printout of an alignment the alignment had to have been completed, but I have...
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    Headlight wire burned its connector

    The low beams on my 1997 Toyota Tercel would not turn on occasionally a few days ago, but the high beams worked every time I turned them on. Also, when the low beams were on the blue high beam light would be on on the dash, or when I turned the low beams on sometimes the blue high beam light...
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    Engine burning oil. What to do?

    I have a 1997 Toyota Tercel with 280k original miles. I've been monitoring the number of miles that it burns one quart of 10W-30 conventional oil for a while. The manufacturer's recommended oil is 5W-30, but it burns 5W-30 way too fast. My results have been highly variable, but I still think...