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    Another question on 3V Fords

    Hey guys, I'm going to replace the lash adjusters and followers on the 04 5.4 I'm building.. Found a kit that has both for a good price but is listed as for 2005 and up. I looked it up through my parts site to see if the two years list the same number and Sealed Power lists 2 separate numbers -...
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    3V Ford Iron tensioners vs plastic

    Hey guys, looking for input here - I'm building a 2004 5.4 for an F150 (build write up and pics to follow eventually) and would like input on the iron vs plastic timing chain tensioners. The 3V motors came stock with the plastic bodied tensioners. The problem was that with the original design...
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    Good news for .300blk shooters

    Looks like Wolf is introducing steel cased ammo in .300blk - it's going to be 145grn FMJ for about $.20/rd <a href="" target="_blank">Wolf .300blk</a>
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    Air purifier/vacuum scheme?

    My friends wife approached me today wanted to know if my wife and I would sit through a 90min demo of this air purifier/vacuum machine from Rainbow(?). Doing this would get me a counter top purifier and if she could get 19 others to do this, they would get the full size machine free... I'm no...
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    Help sizing tankless electric water heater

    Need a recommendation on which tankless is right - looking through the Stiebel Eltron brochure, they give a chart with regional water temps and devices in line. This will service a small bathroom (sink only), a wash basin and a kitchenette sink. Wash basin will likely be the water hog and may...
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    04 F150 ride height - standard VS FX4

    Hey guys, I've got an 04 F150 with 190k miles and the front seems a little low. I'm planning an putting new strut/springs under it and am wondering if I can gain a touch of height over new stock with the FX4 strut/spring combo or if the only difference is strut valving. Part 2 is if the FX4...
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    Substitute for Polaris hub oil?

    Looking to substitute the expensive kerosene smelling water thin oil used in the front hubs of the Sportsman quads.. ATF or 0w20? Would that be thin enough to allow operation of the clutches? I have plenty of either - could blend something like a drop of kerosene or diesel to thin it... Nothing...
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    Water softener input/recommendations

    Hey guys, not long ago we had a new well drilled - the old well had a 3" iron casing that rusted through, allowing sand to enter and wreak havoc on our domestic water. New well is in a different aquifer and has MUCH improved water (old well was very high in iron and manganese, plus very hard)...
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    2004 F150 4R70 life expectancy

    Looking at picking up a cheap high miles (190k) ex highway commuter truck and was wondering what if any common issues may arise?
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    Taurus TX22

    I broke down and finally bought a taurus... My cousin and I were at a local gun show when I saw one for $254, new with 2 16rd mags and a 100rd box of ammo. I had held one briefly a few months ago but passed it over. Have never been a fan of their guns but it was a new model that felt good in...
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    Pro-Gold gun lube

    I acquired some of this lube with a bunch of reloading equipment I purchased a while back. It seems like a grease with perhaps copper added as an anti seize/galling additive. Is this stuff any good? Is there any particular application that it's better suited to?
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    I have a question for draftsmen or those familiar with SketchUp

    I'm trying to draw up a small part for a slot car front end to be 3D printed. The problem I'm running into is that I've got some areas that aren't filled in and am struggling with some through holes. My question is if I don't draw it so that say the base plate appears completely solid, will the...
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    .325 pitch vs .375 pitch saw chain

    I have a Stihl 026 saw with an 18" bar running .325 pitch chain - thing is I've been a bit underwhelmed by it. Today I was cutting up a dead pine tree with a John Deere CS46 16" saw with the .375 chain and it did as good or better through everything up to it's capacity. The CS46 has literally...
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    Cool one off gun

    <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
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    Headphones vs ear buds & recommendations

    Hey guys I usually just buy some cheap $10 ear buds to use but have been wondering if there is a better route to take? I love listening to lots of old and new rock/blues. Ear buds can get annoying at times (they tend to slip out of one ear regardless of the size of the earpiece) so I'm leaning...
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    Briggs 25HP Commercial engines

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of picking up a Snapper Pro zero turn with the 25HP Briggs Commercial engine. I'm curious what the general consensus is on this engine/series - where does it trace it;'s lineage from? Vangaurd? I/C? New design? I worked on a 72" Snapper Pro zero turn with the 27HP...
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    Engine failure training in twin engine light aircraft

    Didn't want to hijack the Duke thread since I'm curious of what you think of the pilot and instructor in this video- I've been watching some of his content lately and happened across this one tonight so I thought I'd post it to continue on the conversation <div class="video-container"><iframe...
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    Need some help with basic electronics math

    Hey guys I'm trying to set the tps voltage on my snowmobile. The spec calls for you to apply a 5vdc reference and then make adjustments as needed. Well my pieced together power supply puts out 5.15vdc. How do I account for that in the final adjustment? Here is a diagram and resistance values to...
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    Is Winchester M22 decent ammo?

    Hey guys I'm looking for a reasonably clean burning ammo that will cycle in my Marlin 60 and 10/22 well and would like your opinions on the M22. How does it differ from the Winchester White Box and is there another ammo it would compare to?
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    Barrel cleaning pros and cons

    After reading a few threads with discussion about cleaning barrels, I'm still unclear as to which, if either is better... I see some take the stance of clean every time you're done shooting, to bore snaking after x or xx shots and I've seen remarks about practically never cleaning them. It...