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    Mobil 1 5W30 in Subaru Outback Turbo 3750 mi OCI

    Hello all, a quick question for Subaru owners. I just bought a 2008 Outback 2.5 XT Turbo which calls for 5W30. I'm running M1 5W30 which I hear it loves from other Subaru owners. But, Subaru recommends 3750 mile oci with the turbo models. Is it just a waste of money or can I extend these...
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    Mobil 1 0W30

    I haven't been here in a few years and I have a question. I know i'm lazy and haven't used the search funtion, but what do you guys think of M1 0W30 synthetic? 5W30 was out of stock, so I went with the 0W30 instead. Seems like a smart move for the winter.
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    "0521" Gold GC

    IIRC, "0528" is when GC turned Gold. But, I got 2 qts today of "0521" and it's Gold. Anyone want to enlighten me?
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    305 kph or 189.51 mph, if you prefer.

    <a href="" target="_blank">305 kph 189.51 mph</a>
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    Mobil 1 EP Oil Filters

    Can the Mobil 1 EP Oil Filters go 15,000 mile OCI?
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    Mobil 1 5W30 EP and Delvac 5W40 mixed 1:1 ratio

    Would mixing Mobil 1 5W30 EP and Delvac 5W40 at a 1:1 ratio result in a heavy 30 weight?
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    OCI with German Castrol 0W30........Check In!

    Since I couldn't find my old post on this issue, I will ask it again. What is your OCI with German Castrol? My lastest are below in Miles. Thanks for any response! 6200 5370 4530 4300
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    Any PAO Group IV basestock in Castrol Syntec?

    This excludes GC 0W30. So, even in newer formulations do any Castrol Syntec varieties contain any PAO Group IV basestock? Or, is it all Group III like everyone seems to think?
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    Is Castrol SLX the new Amber color yet?

    Has anyone seen Castrol SLX in EU the same Amber color as the '05 German Castrol now?
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    Manufacturer Recommended OCI

    I see a lot of people looking for oils that meet 10K and 15K Man. OCI requirements. Why not just change your oil at 5K or 7.5K and be safe?
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    Thicker vs. Thinner for Cold Starts....once again

    Thinner oils for cold starts to flow to top end? Thicker oils for cold starts to protect the bottom end? And many might ask why would a thinner oil not protect? I don't know.
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    I LOVE YOU!!!!

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    Castrol Syntec 0W30 Red Label GC vs. Red Label USA

    This question is in regards to the Castrol Syntec 0W30 Red Label made in the USA and the Syntec Red Label (GC 0W30) made in Germany. Does anyone know if the two meet the exact same specs? I know the GC meets ACEA: A3/B3 B4 and BMW LL-01. Does the US made meet any more or less?
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    Burning 1 Qt of Oil per fillup!!

    A friend of mine just bought a newer Toyota pickup after his engine died at 290K on the old 22RE. I was floored when he told me the old one burned a QT of oil at every gas fillup for the last 100K miles. (It was abused early in it's life) He said he never changed the oil, just added a QT when...
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    Esso XD-3 0W30 in Ontario, Canada?

    I'm visiting family in Detroit soon. While I'm there, I would like to drive over to Ontario, Canada in hopes of buying some Esso XD-3 0W30. Is there a Bulk Esso Dealer in Ontario, Canada within reasonable distance to Detroit? (I did a google search on dealers and didn't find much info.) Any...
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    Lowest Temps this Season, Oil Type, Check In

    I may as well start the thread since it's going below 0ºF (-18ºC) again tonight. And I know I'm a geek. What's the lowest temps you've seen this season and what oil are you using? I know it'll be mostly you Canadians posting. Thanks all. -3ºF (-19ºC) GC 0W30 Outside, No heaters and no...
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    Toyota Tacoma power steering fluid capacity?

    Anyone know the fluid capacity in quarts of the current Tacoma V6 power steering system? I want to change out the factory fluid and I cannont find the capacity anywhere. I've tried the Toyota Dealer, Google, Chiltons Manual, Owners Manual....nothing! Anyone know? Thanks.
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    GF-4......what is it and why is it important?

    I've heard a lot of people talk about the new GF-4 rated oil. What is it? And why is it important? Is GF-3 just as good?
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    German Castrol Users Check In with OCI!

    Hey guys/girls, just wanted to see how far everyone is running this oil? I just changed it out in my Toyota V6 at 6K miles. I know, I'm a wimp. I searched the UOAs and found nothing over 10K. Thanks for any input.
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    Question About Moly and Engine Break In

    Answer me this, If Moly is a friction modifier, thus reducing wear, then why do so many people want an oil high in Moly to "break in" their new engine? Just doesn't make sense. Why not use an oil low in FMs to properly break in your new engine?