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    Made me wonder about the diaganosis.

    Watching a show last night. Kind of like wheeler dealers but an American version. The mechanic was checking out a car. I thing a Saab or similar. 4 cylinder engine. The car ideling with the radiator cap off. He revved the engine and coolant shot out of the radiator. Bad head gasket he said...
  2. J

    Im about done with microfiber

    Microfiber is the way to go you say. So much better you say. Well I must be doing it wrong. All my microfiber picks up just about any speck of dirt or junk and wont let go. They are no better than grease rags at this point. The junk wont wash out and I am not going to pick every speck out by...
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    darn gas cap

    I got a lawnboy mower from the brother in law. Last time he used it just would not stay running. It has a honda engine.Of course that was 5+yrs ago. Gas still in the carb and destroyed it. Carbs are cheap so I got one and put it in. Has the same problem he had described. It will run for a few...
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    an oil change story

    1995 geo tracker soft top. I drive mostly in summer but I got a snow plow for it for last winter. It works great. I do 3000 mile oil changes. Mostly because I like to run 10W40 summer and 5W30 in winter. Its got 184000 miles so a little thicker in summer helps the idle oil pressure. Today...
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    grease in a golf cart clutch

    Ok oil peeps need advise. Gas golf cart a greasable clutch. What kind of temp range should I look for. Been using a grease with a temp range of 0-200F. I think that's why I screwed up my clutch bushing. Would a Marine & Off-Road Calcium Sulfonate NLGI #2 Grease be ok? Temp range of -40 to 350F...
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    now thats cold

    How cold does it have to be so your can of starting fluid wont work. Well it was -15 when I tried to start the snowblower and had to warm up the starting fluid before I could use it. The John Deere walk behind blower started up right away tho. That old beast has so many rattles I dont know how...
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    thin oil

    0w20 supertech in my 2001 Dakota with the 4.7. -15F and colder. Starts up just like summertime. Oil pressure no difference between the spec 5w30. Take that you thickies I dont think its going to hurt the 4.7 at all. I am an old man and drive like one also
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    when will the coolant freeze?

    The weather man said this morning the he is going to talk about some serious cold. Well its -12F now. If we get some serious cold I will have to zip my coat up I guess. Anyway my convertible is in cold storage. Coolant tests to -25F. It might get to -30. Should I worry?
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    my marvel experiance

    New to me 2001 Dakota sport 2dr club cab. 4.7L 92000 no rust. Dealer had a fresh oil change when I got it. There was a slight growl at cold start up but went away quickly. Since then I have come to know is the hated 4.7 by some. Sludge and all that stuff. I decided to run some Marvel Mystery Oil...
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    shelf life

    10yrs ago I had a Dodge Town and Country van. I have a left over filter on the shelf. Mopar 5281090. I got another Dodge now. A 2001 Dakota with the 4.7 92,000miles. Going to do a light flush with some MMO and short oil change. Maybe do 2 1000 mile changes just to try to clean out any possible...
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    best engine?

    My 1994 S10 is nearing the end of its life. Rust is starting to attack the frame so it may be time soon to look for another vehicle. Ill probably look for a pickup of some sort. Maybe full size one. Now my price range is going to be less than 10,000 I will likely end up with one with more than a...
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    1995 geo tracker 1.6 16valve

    I need to replace the valve seals on my 1995 geo tracker 1.6L 16 valve. Any recommendations on a valve spring compressor to do this with the head on. Long story on this thing with a burned valve.I got the head redone. Re-installed with head gasket on wrong burned up the original head now this...