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    Are magnetic drain plugs worth it?

    I have an opportunity to buy a few drain plugs for mine and my wifes' engine for very cheap through a local group-buy. Just wondering if they're worth it ($cheap) especially considering they're extremely-magnetic rare-earth magnets, which are stronger than neodymium ones from what I've read...
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    What oil for Supercharged H22 (Japanese-spec) ?

    A friend of mine has a Japanese-spec H22 engine (from a Japanese Honda Prelude) in his 1999 Acura Integra. Anyhow, he is about to put the Jackson Racing SuperCharger on (one **** of a mod - never been done!). What oil should he run for this application? I believe he will be running the 9psi...
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    PS Fluid change intervals?

    2004 Acura TSX w/ 97,000km (~ 61,000 miles). I was wondering what the normal power steering fluid exchange interval was for a typical Honda. It's not listed in the manual or service manual (I have both), but the procedure is simple. When should this be done, and is it like brake fluid in that...
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    Recommended OCI for my situation?

    2004 TSX, new short block recently (ie: basically new engine). Climate: Ottawa, Ontario. Summers are warm and very nice. Winters can be cold although getting below 0*F is very rare. Driving style: Somewhat-spirited although I generally go for fuel savings over fun. Some high-RPM blasts not...
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    New short block - does this oil seem strange?

    As you might have read in my other thread, I had a new short block put in my Acura TSX, under warranty. On the invoice, the tech entered the following stuff (aside from new short block, Honda MTF, and misc. nuts and bolts): <b>QTY // DESCRIPTION</b> 4 // 5W30 M.OIL 1 // ULTRA OIL TREATMENT...
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    Oil for first change after new short block - Acura TSX

    Long story short: - new short block put in @ 92,000km under warranty. - valve seals and guides were replaced at 90,000km. I'm coming up on my 96K km service in a few weeks and was wondering what oil would be best to run in this car? (2004 Acura TSX, 7100 rpm redline seen often, prefer 8k km (5k...