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    STP Extended Life Oil Filter longevity

    I've been searching for a filter to hold up long term (3+ years) but low mileage for a 1970 small block Chevy and came across a STP Extended Life Oil Filter S8873XL at Auto Zone. Previously used Fram TG30's but they are hard to find. I don't know if the STPs are any good or not. I've searched...
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    Long lasting filter (time not mileage)

    Its been a few years since I have needed to buy a filter for a classic small block Chevy . Filter will be used for long time/not much mileage. Had been using Fram TG30 but cant find them locally. Any suggestions?
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    How do you look for tears?

    I had a hole in a purolator that I easily found with a flashlight but was wondering about other tears. I would imagine that many tears aren't visible until oil flow opens them up during use. How can you be sure that there are no tears that aren't obvious without any pressure behind them?
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    Filter for long time/low mileage ?

    I'm mainly concerned with media durability for a filter to go 3 years but low mileage of less than 1500 miles total. Preferably one available at local retail stores (Walmart, NAPA, AZ, Advance). For a small block Chevy. I'm thinking of NAPA Gold, one of the better Frams, Baldwin etc? <img...
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    What filter for a low mileage 2 - 3 year OCI?

    Its for a small block Chevy. Right now I'm using a Baldwin B27. <span style="font-size: 8pt">FWIW, always reaches full operating temp.</span>
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    Any issues with changing filter and not the oil?

    I have come to realize that my Purolator Classic filter cant be trusted to last as long as the OCI for my Cobalt. Therefore I would like to replace it with a better filter before I change the oil. The filter is mounted high on the engine and is the cartridge type.
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    Letter from Purolator about a failed filter

    I changed oil in the Cobalt a few weeks ago and since filter is a cartridge type I took a close look at old filter. It was in use for about a year and 10K miles (Penzoil full syn oil). OLM had just reached 0%. Anyway, upon inspection, ribs/fins on filter were wavy and not straight any more...
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    Disposable car cover

    Any suggestions on where to buy a cheap disposable waterproof car cover. This will be something I want to have in reserve in case it rains while I am at an overnight car gathering. I have seen some on Ebay for around $15 (some shipped directly from China) but wondering if there are better options.
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    $70 ignition keys?

    My daughter just got a 2001 Ford Escape. I went to Home Depot to get a couple extra keys. They put the key in a device that seemed to indicate that there was some kind of chip in it. Had them do the same for my 2009 Cobalt with same results. As a result what I thought would cost me a couple of...
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    Valve cover gasket - cork or rubber?

    Have a small leak (small block Chevy) and wondering which I should use, cork or rubber.
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    Slow leak caused by corrosion at bead on alloys?

    Had a slow leak recently. It took tire store 4 tries to fix it but they said that there was corrosion at the bead. The wheels are 3 year old aluminum alloys. There are absolutely no visible signs, wheels look good as new. Anybody ever heard of this with alloys?
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    Nano-based lubricant from Millers Oils

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Independent back-to-back tests using a Porsche 911 race engine showed an immediate power gain of more than 5% by replacing a top conventional synthetic lubricant with Nanodrive oil of the same viscosity...
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    Baldwin filters

    In case you haven't already seen it in the other section: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Great deal on Baldwin...
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    Where to buy cloth car cover?

    My cloth car cover that I bought in '85 from JC Whitney is beginning to dry rot. I have looked all over for a replacement but cant find cloth anymore. I like it because I now only use it for a dust cover (garage kept) and it is fairy light and very soft. I'm not too sure about Polypropylene...
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    Anybody familiar with ZDDP MAXX

    I see a lot about ZDDPlus but was wondering how ZDDP MAXX compares
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    Which high mileage oil for a flat tappet engine?

    I've searched but cant find posts that address which high mileage oil (prefer 5W-30) is best for a flat tappet mild V8 engine. I've been using Valvoline HM for years but wonder if others might be better in this case.
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    Anybody familiar with Pronto motor oil?

    I was in Salvo Auto Parts yesterday to get an inexpensive oil to top of my daughters Beetle until the next oil change (coming soon). They had Pronto Supreme for $1.99, API SM. Back label reads: Recommended for A-3/B-3 as well as VW 502/505 Recommended for all Gasoline/Diesel Engines . . . API...
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    Why do tires need to be pneumatic?

    We all know how air pressure effects rolling resistance of tires. Since there is a push to try and squeeze out all the MPG that we can get, seems to me that a total redesign of tires would help a lot. Tires could become an inch or two thick rubber strip mounted to a special wheel. Obviously...
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    All else being equal, why not Top Tier

    If you had two stations next to each other, same price, one Top Tier, the other not, why would you not get the Top Tier?
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    What causes headlight lenses to fog over?

    And what to do about it? I'm not talking about how to restore an old one. I'm wondering if there are any products that protect the lenses to keep it from happening in the first place.