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    2016 gmc sierra 5.3 L83 mobil 1 5w30 3700 miles

    here are the first two uoas for my new truck. i went from a 1990 sierra to a 2016. i used the dexos 1 m1 5w30 and I think there was some 5w30 extended performance mixed in. still on the fence if im going to use 0w20. if it continues to thin out i will probably stick with 5w30. i use this truck...
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    Pennz Plat 5w30 4854 miles 2008 G35x

    <img src="" alt="" /> This oil change was done at jiffy lube. Insols impress me considering the tiny filter. Refilled w Mobil 1 extended performance 5w30 and a wix oil filter.
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    1990 GMC Sierra 5.7l 3,800miles 5w30

    Unfortunately I cant remember what oil I had in there this time, but I think it might have been maxlife. Coolant level has stayed put since I did the intake. I was happy to see the UOA somewhat confirm this. The power steering pulley broke off and the coolant temp needle was almost touching...
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    rebuilt 700r4 maintenance questions

    I have a rebuilt 700r4 in my 90 gmc sierra 1500. Id like to do some preventative "maintenance" to it. Its got about 10k on it now so I figure it's due for an oil change. I'm thinking about using castrol dex VI and an oversize pan with drain-plug. Change all the fluid once a year. I also...
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    01 Elantra, Castrol Edge 5w30, 5367 miles

    Hopefuly someone can help me out here, I dont have any experience working on these cars. Think its the head gasket? Maybe I should do a compression test. You wouldnt know it has a problem from how it runs though. I think I might have added a tiny bit of coolant, Ill have to mark the overflow...
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    What is the best 5w30 oil I can buy at Walmart?

    1) Best synth disregarding price? 2) Best synth factoring in price? 3) Best Dino/Blend disregarding price? 4) Best Dino/Blend factoring in price?
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    1990 GMC 350 TBI, Pennz Plat 5w30, 5200miles

    This was done right before I snapped a thermostat bolt and ended up having to remove the intake mani. This led to a series of small performance upgrades like an edelbrock intake, msd coil, tbi porting, open element air filter, catless exhaust, etc. It will be interesting to compare this to the...
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    2001 Elantra 3600 miles on dealership LOF, 94k

    Little concerned with the possible coolant problem. Anyone know a common source of coolant infiltration in these engines? <img src="" alt="" />
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    97 Taurus vulcan v6, 5k on rotella 5w40

    <img src="" alt="" /> This is my sisters car that I take care of for her. It gets a lot of city miles during the week and lots of long trips on weekends. Engine and trans run great. Just did a bunch of front end and brake...
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    383 LT1 with about 10k on stroker rebuild

    So I just bought this car. Its a 94 Camaro z28 with 6 speed. The previous owner says it was rebuilt by a machine shop about 10k miles ago. Not really sure what to think right now because I have no idea what kind of farewell the car was given, and also this is the oil that went through all the...
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    PP 5w30, Chevy 6.0L, 6670 miles

    Here's the latest one for my work van. Starting to look better. I have used PP and a pure one oil filter on every oil change since I broke it in. Have 5oz of SX-UP in there now, should be interesting. <img...
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    06 Express, 6.0L, 7335 miles, PP

    <img src="" alt="" /> This is my work van, an 06 Express 2500 with the LQ4 6.0L. It says 1 qt makeup but thats wrong, this engine has never used a drop that I have noticed. I changed it before the OLM told me...
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    06 Express 6.0l, Penz Platinum, 9300 miles

    <img src=""> I changed the oil 750miles after the light started coming on. Its actually 5qts Pennz Platinum 5 or 10w30 (cant remember) and 1 qt Amsoil 5w40. (My friend gave me a few qts) Pure One oil...
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    GM OLM light question

    I have a 2006 Chevy Express w/ 6.0 v8. It doesnt show the percentage of oil life left, it just has a light that comes on. The first time it came on was at about 8k miles. It came on and stayed on, I reset it because I had already changed the oil a few times. Now Im trying to follow the monitor...
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    06 Chev Express, Pennz Plat 6k miles, followed OLM

    <img src=""> The olm idiot light came on the day before I changed this oil, but when I drove the van to the auto parts store to buy the oil and filter the light didnt come on, so I dont know if it was a fluke or...
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    Windstar 3.8v6, 3k miles, coolant leak

    <img src=""> Its my friends van. When I changed the oil the coolant was low and ugly, thats why I sent the sample in. I guess these 3.8s have head gasket problems?
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    98 Volvo S70 T-5, 9,000 miles Castrol Syntec 10w40

    <img src=""> last report: <a href=""...
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    91 GMC 305ci, 2352 miles, Havoline 5w30

    <img src=""> This truck was my grandfathers and just became mine. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" />
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    Taurus 12v 3.0, Havoline 10w30, 8228 miles, 8 mos

    I did let this go a little longer that Id like to, but it doesnt look as bad to me as Blackstone is saying. The car is throwing a p0340 code - cam sensor - which most likely took out the gear too (I can hear ticking coming from the area) so the slight wear elevation could have something to do...
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    06 Express 6.0L, Havoline 10w30, 4345 miles

    Looks like both of my vehicles had more wear this time around. One thing thats different about this sample is it was taken completely cold. I was expecting the downward trend to continue in this engine. I do drive it pretty hard and I think probably harder than during the last interval. Ive been...