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    Just a fyi on M1 R 2T ...

    suspect it's still being sold under a different brand
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    aerodynamics over tires

    Mounting a front fender on inverted forks was always tricky, the CBR cleverly integrates the mounting with the fender "assembly" instead of trying to hide it. I'm sure it's been tested in the wind tunnel to verify it's not robbing airflow to the radiators. Other than that doubt it creates any...
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    aussie motor cycle oil

    delo used to have a good dose of moly, probably never cause a problem? but with other choices available may not want to take a chance.
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    09 Polaris engine Oil

    They call for the wide viscosity range because atv's can be used anywhere from cold arctic climates to hot desert heat. If your not at one extreme or the other you'd be fine choosing a more specific oil for your temps. 15w50 would be fine in a moderate climate.
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    Torn over what snowmobile oil to use

    Polaris pulled their tcw3 recommendation after some fan cooled sleds and aircooled atv motors had issues. I know the blender that had the oil bid at the time for Polaris. Whether it was the oils fault or not they made the change.
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    Who makes good AGM batteries?

    The one's I bought were sealed glass mat( what the OP asked about) But I have bought them that come with the acid you pour in, did my own initial charging at home (per the included instructions). Point was, they both appeared identical the the Yuasa.
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    Who makes good AGM batteries?

    I've bought a couple cheap brands from walmart recently and they were identical in every way and detail to the Yuasa that I took out.
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    Mobil 1 10W-40 4T

    CI being better than CJ is an internet myth based on misunderstanding of oil formulation IMHO. CJ oil is fine, if not a better product.
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    GC in a wet clutch?

    Several of the "high milage" oils are non EC in the 10w30 grade, just read the labels. They tend to be on thick end of the 30w range and usually have a decent add pack. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: westwind999</div><div...
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    Exhaust Pipe Sealant

    My experience is none of them can withstand the heat long term, no matter what the temp rating. What can happen is whats' left of the burnt up product can stay in place and seal a little longer than the next product. That said the orange seem to turn to dust and blow out quicker than the black...
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    Esters in Motorcycles

    'polar" is at a molecular level, your not going to see or feel any difference in it sticking or flowing down a flat panel. Group #'s were never meant to imply good better best in finished oil product performance. just my 02.
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    Motorcycle Urban Myths

    loud tires save lives (dual sport bikes) loud clutches save lives (ducati) loud valves save lives (triumph)
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    ATF fluid for 2-strokes

    I use it in the trans side of my CRF, works fine. Ktm used to spec dextron for two stroke trans in their US racers handbook when their euro spec boutique oil wasn't available here. Been using it ever since. My mazda built 5spd in a 1 ton ford uses atf and long drain intervals, if gearboxes...
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    Safe Riding Techniques and Practices

    ride dirt bikes, it'll make you a better rider even on the street.
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    Bombardier Recreational Products - Warranty

    Not defending BRP, but they pay Castrol a LOT of money developing their oil. They also have QC mandates, usually something like 300hours of wide open throttle without damage. Rotax toasts a lot of motors in the process and using the right lube is part of it. For example they stayed with a heavy...
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    Poulan saw bar oil

    The oiler are usually set for a certain viscosity oil, usually thicker bar oil with tackifiers. If you use thinner stuff (old motor oil etc) they'll go through oil a lot faster, make sure it doesn't run dry. Top off every time you re fuel.
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    using MMO in a m/c with wet clutch...

    High milage motor oil would be my choice
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    oil spots on driveway

    Don't use castrol on asphalt, it'll eat it up. Powdered laundry soap works pretty good, I leave it on for a couple days then clean it up.
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    Z-Alt Muscle Car Oil

    the can shows it as a 20w50, the PDS as 8 cst ?