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    Aircraft pollution emission control

    For years now fossil fuel passenger vehicles have been under emissions control reduction policies (stricter over time) by various government agencies. Then it was heavy trucks, heavy construction machinery, and such. Costs and reliability issues have arisen from these emission control...
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    Jiffy Lube techs are all full time to my surprise.

    Looking at retiring from my full time job soon. I've always been a DIYer when it comes to vehicle servicing/light repairs, and would like a part time upon retiring doing this (20-25 hrs/week). Nearby Jiffy Lube has help wanted sign, so I inquired within today. This store does not do brake...
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    Products specifically packaged/marked for certain retail stores

    Was in local Dollar General automotive section and noticed they sell the Lube Guard tranny shudder fix part no. 19680, which all the local big box auto part stores carry as well. Inside the clear blister pack is a small sticker stating that "This item is intended for sale only at Dollar...
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    WW2 era US military aircraft piston engine oils

    During the WW2 era, lots of high performance military aircraft, many with radial type engines were in the air. What type/weight of oil was generally used in the engines themselves ? The logistics of getting oils / fuels and such to remote airfield maintenance locations was very complex I...
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    Kia Soul recall issued recently

    Friend of mine recently received recall notice for 2016 Soul with 1.6 L engine and 36,000 mi. that involves a programming update in reference to potential connecting rod bearing knock issues so that the check engine light will come on if this issue starts to occur. Assuming regular engine...
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    Local retail stores oil filter price comparison

    I'm not too picky about oil filters for my 03 Accord (239,000 mi.) OCI of 5000 mi. usually. The Fram PH7317 is used sometimes and available within 2 mi. of me at Home Depot $4.48, Lowes $3.98, Walmart $3.88, and Autozone $8.99. That's a big price spread. Anyone else notice such a wide price...
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    NAPA Pro Select filter price (Master Pack vs indivudualy boxed)

    My local Napa store sells the Pro Select "Master Pack" automotive application spin on type oil filters (wrapped in plastic, no box) individually (approx. $3. 70 or so on average depending on filter) to walk in customers if you ask for them, as opposed to the individually boxed Pro Select oil...
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    Velozza ZXV4 225/40ZR/18 tires

    A friend has a '17 Cruze that came from dealer with 18 in. rims. She needed a couple of low budget tires and went with the Velozza ZXV4 225/40/ZR18 tires. Her driving consists mostly of short trip city driving in central GA, rarely any ice or snow. Does anyone have any experience with these...
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    People actually pay this much?

    Looking at various oils for sale online in US, and some are actually outrageous. For example, a quart of Exmark 10w 30 syn. small engine oil for $26.00 (includes economy shipping to US addresses). Wow, what a bargain. People are actually paying theses prices?
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    Good neighbor

    Had a neighbor a couple doors down come by as I was doing some yardwork today. He had a bag with 5 qts. of oil (3qts Kohler 10w 30 small engine and 2qts. Mobil 1 0w 40 European spec.). Said he was doing some garage spring cleaning and thought I might like to have it since he sees me doing oil...
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    Used Troybilt TB30R rear engine rider

    Looking at a year old (2020 year model) Troybilt TB30R rear engine rider. As I understand it is the same as a Craftsman R110 rear engine rider. Does anyone have any experience with either of these as far owning/using? Really good shape overall. Engine is single cyl. overhead valve with a...
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    Labor prices at outdoor equip./ small engine shops

    Went to a large well established ( Augusta GA area) outdoor equip./small engine shop to get a part today. Have not been in there in several years. They had a sign stating labor charge is $85/hr. I'm thinking this is really not too bad nowadays. What are labor prices in your area at a business...
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    T6 Rotella 0w 40 in a 2017 Chevy Cruze gas 1.4 L turbo?

    Bought some T6 Rotella 0w 40 at Advance Auto on clearance a while back. All of my jugs have the SN rating on them. Would anyone hesitate to use it in a 2017 Cruze 1.4 L turbo with approx. 50,000 miles (out of warranty)? Car is driven mostly short trips/city driving.
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    Oil filter regional availability/popularity by sales.

    I'm in GA, and have noticed over the years that certain oil filter brands are rarely seen around here on either automotive or heavy equipment/farm machinery applications. It is rare to see Baldwin, Hastings, Casite, Fleetguard, or Donaldson branded oil filters for example. Any comments as far...
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    BITOG members who are employed in automotive/oil industry

    I'm wondering as to the number of BITOG members who are directly employed in the automotive/oil and related businesses, including service, parts, tools, production, sales and such. Don't know if this has been discussed before, bit I'm thinking the number of members in this realm is substantial.
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    Not getting a vehicle recall addressed-(2017 Cruze LS potential fuel leak/fire hazard during impact/accident)

    A friend of mine has a daughter (age 27), that bought a 2017 Cruze new. Not long afterward GM issued a safety recall dealing with a fix for a potential fuel leak/fire hazard during certain types of impacts/accidents. She has received a couple of recall notices in mail going back over a year and...
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    SL rated Super S brand motor oil at Roses Stores

    Went by Roses the other day, first visit there, and they had Super S (Smitty's) oil in a couple of varieties. One is in a red bottle , 5w 30 syn. blend, and is rated SL, while another in a blue bottle is a syn. blend 5w 30 rated SN plus. Red bottle variety was on sale for $1.99/qt. I'm...
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    Rotella at Family Dollar

    Stopped in a Family Dollar that I rarely go to today and found some Rotella T4 15w 40 qt. size on the oil shelf. I had never seen Shell oil of any type (or any brand of HDEO for that matter) in a Family Dollar in this area. Price rang up $2.60 so I bought all 8 of them. Not a super deal by...
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    Effect the push for EV's will have on automotive parts/accessories market

    The push for electric vehicles is here, and by numerous entities in a big way. How will this affect the aftermarket automotive parts/accessories business as far as sales and market strategy? Walk into any auto parts store and you will see a good amount of floor space dedicated to parts...
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    What diesel oils were available in the 50's and 60's

    Diesel powered light trucks (and some diesel powered cars), are popular in the US nowadays, and there are now quite a few HDEO type oils available. In the 1950's and 1960's, diesel powered vehicles in the US were typically heavy trucks, farm equipment, and industrial machinery. What engine...