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    Motorcycle oil filters

    I use mostly OEM, but I have used Hi-Flows, and Mahle once in a while. For the Harleys I use OEM.
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    Vacuum Tubing Quality

    I have found that generic Chinese rubber products decompose quickly. I have been using name brand hose from these guys holds up well.
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    Motorcycle oil filters

    I normally use OEM.
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    Availability of 0W-40 dexos II

    My wife's 2020 Camaro SS 6.2L says it needs an oil change at 3400 miles on the car after coming out of storage a week ago. 1st oil change. OK I go to the dealer and pick up a couple PF64's $5.00 each not bad. I thought I'd pick up the oil at NAPA, Advance, Walmart, etc... OM says preferred oil...
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    2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn Edition: 10,000 mile review

    I'm coming up on 1 year and 7000 miles on my 2020 RAM Bighorn 5.7 4wd. I did have a bad oil pressure sensor (intermittent) in the 1st week of use, but that is it.
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    TV power supply repair - diode replacement options

    Schottky diodes are used for their fast switching (Trr) , and low forward voltage (Vf). We have used them for decades on the secondary side as rectifiers in Switching power supplies.
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    Anyone here own a Can Am Spider?

    My step dad rode a 2010 RT SS for 6 years. It kept him riding when he would have otherwise stopped, due to a bad leg. He did have a few electrical/electronics issues, but it never stranded him. Right before he sold it the electronic steering module failed, that was expensive, but Can Am did...
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    Suspension Overhaul after 300,000 Miles

    Good Job! This fall my son and I did a front suspension overhaul on his 2004 Toyota Sequoia. A little over 200K miles. It was getting pretty sloppy and had a front wheel bearing howling. Moog upper and lower control arms Toyota OEM alignment eccentrics Toyota OEM upper and Lower Ball joints...
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    Craftsman radial arm saws best models

    I had one from the late 80's/early 90's that had a stamped steel arm, I didn't care for it. Are you planning on cross cutting with the dado blade? If yes, be careful, it will want to self feed.
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    Invisible dog fences.

    We have a wired petsafe that's been in use for 12 years, 3 Beagles, No issues
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    This vid is just plain cool. Mini wankel

    The full size Wankels were know for that too, so I wouldn't expect the .30 version to be any different.
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    New Tacoma!

    Congrats as a former Tacoma owner!
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    Wet sanding white paint

    Back in the 70's when I used to paint cars for a living, I found white paint more difficult to lay down than any other color. I usually had to adjust the lights since it was difficult to see the gloss when looking straight on.
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    Dealer bent AC lines

    That's what I hate about somebody else working on my vehicles, they are playing beat the clock and don't worry about details that don't interfere with normal operation. Sometimes you have no choice but to let them do it, but these types of details bug the heck out of me. I'd probably at least...
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    This vid is just plain cool. Mini wankel

    OS Engines manufactured a Glow Wankel engine (RC Aircraft) for many years, it's discontinued now WANKEL ROTARY ENGINE List (
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    What are you working on today?

    Trenching for power out to my new pole barn.
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    Installed a Remote Starter

    I put one on my wife's 17 Wrangler, plug and play. got it at 12VSolutions.
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    Whoever did this, should not be working on motorcycles

    Good job! Neat Bike. I have discovered similar things. I think that these bikes are less likely to wear out, and more likely to die due to so called "mechanics"
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    How do airplanes go so fast?

    Active clearance control
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    How do airplanes go so fast?

    It did in the Tomcat F110-400, longer "augmenter" can and new scheduling in the HMU and analog engine control. Good memories from the beginning of my career at GE. After >33 years in the electronic engine control business I'm still in awe about the sheer power and mass quantity of air and...