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    update on M1 ATF in honda auto

    I switched on the basis that comptech and some other sources suggest that dex iii fluids may be used in honda autos to improve power holding and lower tranny temps. I had one drain/fill of straight M1 ATF, so 3/7, ~40% quarts in 03 I4 auto accord. Had it in about 5K miles until today, when my...
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    RP 5W-20, 03 2.4L accord

    <img src=""> It has a fujita cold air intake also, with an AEM dryflow filter on it. I took it apart recently to examine the sealing on it, the hose clamps don't seal very tight, there seemed to be grains of sand collecting at seal points.
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    No leading motor oil provides more horsepower than Castrol SYNTEC*

    I came across that banner/claim on another site <a href="" target="_blank">link</a> I'm curious to see the actual results to see if it's true.
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    nonhonda ATF in a Z1 auto

    i came across this on honda-tech; <blockquote>quote:<hr />Honda's mission with their own transmission fluids is to develop a single common fluid that will work in all of their transmissions.... That is auto, manual, and CVT. A friend of mine who used to work at Honda on transmissions sites...
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    royal purple vs mobil 1 vs pennzoil platinum

    RP $6 M1 $5 PP $4 for 5w-20, all available locally at listed price, for an 03 2.4L honda, which is preferred?
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    how to read tranny UOA for clutch pack wear

    How does one read the analysis to check for clutch pack wear? I had an analysis as follows; first set this car / universal average for 15.5K miles Aluminum - 81 / 23 Chromium - 1 / 1 Iron - 82 / 70 Copper - 8 / 18 Lead - 1 / 4 Tin - 0 / 1 Molybdenum - 1 / 1 Nickel - 0 / 0 Manganese - 1 / 1...
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    abused 2003 i4 auto accord

    first set this car / universal average for 15.5K miles Aluminum - 81 / 23 Chromium - 1 / 1 Iron - 82 / 70 Copper - 8 / 18 Lead - 1 / 4 Tin - 0 / 1 Molybdenum - 1 / 1 Nickel - 0 / 0 Manganese - 1 / 1 Silver - 0 / 0 Titanium - 0 / 0 Potassium - 0 / 1 Boron - 235 / 192 Silicon - 13 / 14 Sodium - 3...
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    oil consumption, starvation, loss situation

    I have an 03 accord with 65K miles, it has been abusively driven pretty much always after break in. I used to change the oil every 3K miles on mobil 1, but recently have gotten lax and pushing 4K+. This week while coming off a freeway exit, I was snapping the car back and forth, exit was...
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    left recirc vent open on intake, what to do?

    The recirculate pipe from the valve cover to the intake, I left that open while changing my air filter last week. Leaves a ~1 cm diameter circular hole in the intake. Been driving it around like that for ~200 miles before I discovered it. Pulled off the intake tube to clean up the tube and...
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    Sock for an air filter?

    I have read some stories about people strapping a sock to the end of the intake as the air filter. Funny idea, anyone here try this before? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="images/icons/grin.gif" />
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    how hard to install cams?

    I have an accord, I found some cams for $100 shipped. The car is DOHC and timing chain. How hard is it to do this install? I've done only simple work on my car before, oil/tranny fluid change, brake job, etc.
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    Is Mobil 1 causing my engine to be buzzy?

    I have a 2003 I4 accord. For the past 20K miles or so, near redline, the engine sometimes becomes really buzzy. It seemed to happen after I switched to Mobil 1 0w-20. Car specs 5w-20. It's been happning for a while, but my warranty period is almost over so I need to figure out if this is a...
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    rubber pieces from air filter falling into engine?

    I got a K&N filter (for free) and i notice the rubber seals are kind of poorly made. I trimmed off some of excess stuff around the filter media. My question is, if some of the seal material came off and went into the engine, how bad would it be? Talking paper thin pieces maybe 1-2mm square.
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    momentary oil starvation

    the other day, while I was sliding my car around hard in an empty parking lot, I managed to swing around the car hard enough that the low oil pressure light came on. What probably happened was I sloshed enough oil away from the pickup to cause the line to be momentarily empty. This last only...
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    nonhonda ATF in honda AT

    who has done this, what car, what ATF, and how were the results? I am curious if I put mobil1 ATF in my auto 2003 accord, what will happen. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="images/icons/tongue.gif" />
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    2003 I4 accord louder on mobil 1

    ok, so I switched to M1 0w-20 tonight and after letting the car warm up I drive around WOT a couple times. Engine is louder and buzzier now, is any cause for concern? Oil levels were fine after the drive and no noticeable leaks. I was using castrol 5W-20 before.
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    anyone dyno a Baldwin?

    I skimmed through and theres talk about how baldwins flow better, but is this dyno proven?
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    ok to use german castrol in corolla (5w-30)?

    manual specs 5w-30, german stuff is 0w-30. What exactly does the 0w vs 5w mean? Supposedly the 0w means better cold performance, but does that mean the oil is physically thinner or thicker than 5w when cold? Also, I've skimmed several posts that says the german stuff is very thin and is...