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    warning! 2006 mitsubishi outlander fuel pump repla

    replacement disaster! seems the studs are made of potmetal. they snap off with no torque at all. turning a simple job to a major ordeal. what a stupid design.have to replace fuel tank.
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    "everclear"no not what you think now sold at bp!

    i remember warnings about this stuff. and its still around. funny to see garbage sold at a bp station. station is at needmore and main in dayton oh. <a href="" target="_blank">warning</a>
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    who makes the best u joints ?

    heard a PING! from the driveshaft a week or so a go when i put it in gear and i have now developed a driveline vibration under load between 25-35mph. reasonably sure its one or more bad joints. iirc 2 years ago i replaced the joints for a similar vibration.fixed the issue. imho 2 years/40k mi is...
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    . worthless tech support/rma!

    helping a friend rma some compactflash cards that went bad on her. all my tests show they are bad.i did a data recovery on them and got most of the data off of them but it is clear they are bad with all the read errors and refusal to format.and then comes the "tech non support dept" yes the...
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    magntets to kill diesel bugs?male bovine excrement

    who cares if they are alive or dead before they get incinerated in the engine! <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    arx instructions for hour based apps?

    i have an old generator i want to treat. since is does not travel onless its on my truck mileage based treatment is meaningless. how many hours should the clean and rinse cycles be? another concern is lack of a filter to get the released junk.
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    intake gasket leak 5.7 many oilchanges

    to get all the residue out? this one was nasty. drained about 3 gallons of snot out. pulled covers and washed heads and valley with a brush and diesel. poured a gallon of diesel thru just before i set the intake too. did a 50 mile change and have about 300 miles on the current oil. slight hazy...
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    anyone do a voa on motor-up?

    dollar general has it at $1 a bottle. i know that anything that has that as seen on tv logo on it is likely #@$%! and snake oil i thought it might be interesting to see whats in it. i was told once it was chlorinated solvent of some sort.
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    kodak aa nimh go poof! after removing from camera

    these were new cells on first cycle. did a 100ma slow charge on a triton. put them in my panasonic pv-dc1580 and started taking a bunch of ebay pics. got 10 shots and the low battery warning came up. dumped them out on the countertop and installed 2 rayovac 15 minute nimh and kept shooting. pop...
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    cleaning atf/stopleak mess out of system?

    i own a chevy van with 5.7 tbi. seems the p.o had the transmission cooler leak into the coolant. seems to have a new radiator and a rebuilt transmission. the leftover atf and some stopleak junk had plugged the heater cores solid. i changed the stat and was greeted by the stink of old burnt atf...
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    supertech st5 new box-new designe filter too.

    bought some supertech st5 for chevy trucks got a mix of old and new style boxes. new ones have a flat base vs a dished one on the older style. lots of marketing technobabble on the box with an exploded view.
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    using up odd qts in my beater

    i often get lots of oil from a friend who works in a warehouse. cases that have a leaker or broken box. i had 5 odd qts on the shelf and hadnt got into the stash to get 5 that matched. work van needed a change. i used 1 m1 15w50,1 m1 ep 15w50,1 delo400 15w40,1 mc 5w20,and 1 redline 10w30. got...
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    88 chevy g20 van instrument regulator?

    got a freebie in that i got running. but the oil pressure and battery voltage read high and coolant temp low.coolant temp not verified but i get good heat and fast. battery voltage is 14.2v running. oil pressure is 30 psi at hot idle verified with mech gauge.oil pressure on dash shows 50+psi all...
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    blue coolant?

    a neighbor got some blue coolant where he works. it comes bulk and gets brought in empty jugs we keep for such a thing. anyone know what it is?it not washer fluid.smells like any other eg based coolant.
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    and i thought audiophools were funny

    is this green gummy bear smelling oil you guys version of fancy unobtainium speaker cables? <img border="0" alt="[LOL!]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/lol.gif" />
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    what temp does the chunks in autorx dissolve/melt at?

    i noticed some small clearish chunks in the fill tube today.i had added autorx a week ago. do these have to get hot to dissolve or do they just get filtered out? btw the fill tube is 2 feet long and runs somewhat horizontal at the top.
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    how many different bases/additives are used in dex 3?

    i changed a 700r4 recently and didnt get enough dex3 to do the whole job as i drained and refilled the tc several times to remove all old fluid.the old stuff was thick and brown. i noticed that the advance auto stuff smelled like oil but the walmart super tech smelled like celery. any problems...
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    black oil/coating in gm 8.5 diff

    i just bought a diff as a replacement for a whiner in an 88 chevy g20 it came from a 93 i opened it and found pitch black oil and a black film on non contact washed off easily with carb cleaner. my neighbor thinks it is a moly additive. i think it is the original oil with umpteen...