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    "Toyota recalls more than 565,000 vehicles over faulty parts"

    It appears that the thread is turning into, "What car company has the best products." I find that strange, because we all know who has a better product. Don't we.
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    DT 2000 and UCL mix

    I posted the question on the first tank with the mix. I held off posting the change until I had a few miles on fuel blend. I now have over 1K miles on the truck using this blend. At this point, the MPG increase still holds.
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    Lucas UCL : What makes this product unique?

    Think of it as having some possum fat in it, kind of like what Granny used to make soap with.
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    Schaeffer's 20w50 Racing Oil

    Anything new on this? I sure would like to see the data..
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    Auto RX results.. Rated R. Graphic images.

    On my 89 Honda Prelude SI 2.0L w/130K miles, I did the two treatments with Auto-Rx. At each of the of the four OCI, more black carbon and sludge would fill the filter and come out with the oil. The carbon and sludge over a period of twenty years became dry and hard in the engine and oil pan...
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    Oil is NOT thinner when cold.

    I will be the first to use an oil that is a 5W-5. That way no matter what I say about its flow or weight, I'll be right.
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    Impressed with the upcoming Honda Fit

    I just might take a look at the Honda Fit when my 89 Honda Prelude 2.0L wears out. Those red dots in CR made me buy the Prelude in 1989. lol... I also hope that fuel hit $4.00/gal this year. Helps keep the roads less congested. Even at $4.00/gal, it's still cheap.
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    FYI... CJ-4 Oil Information

    Does it appear that CJ-4 will be an additonal line of oil and it will not be grandfather for older diesels? If so, CI-4 oil may morph into..CI-4+++++++... lol.. It will be interesting to see what the engine makers say about it.
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    Auto Rx on 91 civic, 188K

    < .5 qt/OCI... It's been a very tight engine... You are right, the 2.0 is in the Prelude... Excellent car...
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    Auto Rx on 91 civic, 188K

    I have a 89 Honda 2.0L with 142K miles... I did three cleanings and rinses on it and now use the 3oz maint dose. The oil still looks black as coal after 1K miles on each OCI. I am completely satisifed with the product. The car runs great and I have no oil useage between 4K miles OCI. I...
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    Exxon 5W-20, 6400 miles, '02 Honda Si UOA #6

    <blockquote>quote:<hr /> Been running MC 5w20 in the Spring and Summer and switch over late fall to Mobil 1 0w20 for the Winter here in Iowa. <hr /></blockquote>Who would have thought that a 5W-20 oil would be used as a summer oil only?.. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]"...
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    mercon sp powerstroke 6.0

    Why don't you do a trans flush at the dealership?
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    Lucas Oil Stadium?

    Pat: I would think your name would be
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    MC 5W-20, 5067 mi on oil, 05 Escape w/ 9212 mi

    With your TBN near 4.0, are you going to add a few thousand miles before the next OCI? Excellent report...again...
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    Synthetic Oil and Gas Mileage

    General rule of thumb: 1-3% MPG gain.
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    Most shear stable 5w40

    Another oil to look at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Topic: 2004 F250 6.0 PSD, 8700km(5400 miles) Esso XD-3 0w30/15w40 mix

    I am unhappy with the fuel% in the oil from the 6.0L. It appears to me that the 15W-40 oil does slightly better on the fuel%. Does the thicker oil at start up help this problem when the engine runs rich? Is the oil fully warmed up before you change it? TBN looks great. I would run it out...
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    Factory Fill 5w20, 10k miles, 2005 Honda Civic

    I agree with Alan: If Lindermant is lucky, he might be able to get 400K miles out of that engine. If the wear stays as is, only about 350K.. lol... "Owner of a 89 Honda"
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    Forester or CRV?

    Mazda Speed6... Check it out..