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    9000k service intervals. Should I change filter have way thru?

    Absolutely opinion. But I did stay at holiday inn express.
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    9000k service intervals. Should I change filter have way thru?

    With d.i. I think you will absolutely have fuel dilution at 5k. My 19 Avalon has a hybrid system that has port and d.i.
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    9000k service intervals. Should I change filter have way thru?

    I would leave the filter but change the oil half way through. That's what I do on my Avalon. 10k changes are fee at dealer but I drain oil only at 5k.
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    which V6 is best..Ford 3.7, GM 3.6 or FCA 3.6

    The 3.6 in our Acadia had to have all coil packs replaced at 70k. Expensive and I understand common. We gave it to my stepson and he had to replace them again at about 120k. By the way, the Acadia struggled to get 21mpg on the road. The V6 Highlander that replaced it gets 27-28.
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    Funniest movies ever!

    Pink Panther Movies.
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    Clear Bra and Professional Installation

    My Toyota dealer in Rockwall, Tx. sent mine out to have it done so I don't know who they used. It was a good job though and I am very pleased with it.
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    Wear Nitrile Gloves

    I wore them at my volunteer job at the food pantry today. I also wore a mask. Our new protocol is that I take the food out in a cart and place it in the recipients trunk while they stay in their car. I am 67, still younger than many volunteers.
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    Coverlay Dash Caps?

    Mine is from Dash Mat.
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    Coverlay Dash Caps?

    I would just do the mat. They are pretty nice. I have one.
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    I See Better @ Night w/ Halogen Beams than HID/LED

    My wife's 18 Highlander has halogens. My 19 Avalon Limited has LEDs. My 67 year old eyes like the LEDs.
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    Blue blocker glasses for night driving experiences

    I got the lightest yellow tint at Walmart Optical in my prescription for shooting and night driving. Great for cloudy day driving also.
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    Recommendation for leather trim seats?

    I had some body work done on our Acadia a few years ago. Excellent body shop. When they finished they cleaned the seats with Murpheys Oil Soap. They cleaned up like new. They told me it worked better than anything they had used.
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    2019 Toyota Highlander

    I think the 2020 Highlander is a redesign. Not sure if it's out yet.
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    2019 Toyota Highlander

    No problem with the 8 sp. on my 19 Avalon either.
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    2019 Toyota Highlander

    We love our 18 highlander. No problem with 8 sp. just did a long road trip. Great road car. We got 28 mpg on the interstate. The Acadia we had before got 21.
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    Mobil 1 EP vs AFE

    My ramps are low profile. Another option is to put a 2x4 block by each ramp so you drive onto it first.
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    Mobil 1 EP vs AFE

    Do you use ramps? I use them on my Avalon. What year model?
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    2014 Highlander 75K miles, stick with Toyota oil?

    TGMO and QSUD are good. I use Mobil 1 AFE 0w20 in my Toyotas. Easy to find and I like the seals on the bottles.
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    Vehicle sighting - 1968-ish Rambler

    I recall one bought new by a friends parents. I believe a 65. I think it looked almost like this one.
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    Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

    It's great on the Interstate, rural. I wouldn't use any cruise control on a busy freeway.